reasons to accept the curse

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reasons to accept the curse

Postby sdgonline » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:52 pm

In his lecture yesterday, Prabhupada said we have to approach a person like Sukadeva Goswami or someone in parampara from him. Prabhupada included himself. “Whatever Krishna said, we are repeating from five thousand years ago.” It is not that the world has changed by scientific progress. The person we hear from must have seen the truth. How? Through the parampara. When creation took place, the spiritual sky was already there. The material universe has seven layers, each one ten times thicker than the one before. It is not easy to get out. The jivas are trying to get to Krishna, but they can’t go through the layers. But by the bhakti-lata-bija sewn by the guru, the devotional creeper grows until it pierces through the universes and goes to Krishna. But one has to hear from Sukadeva and the authorized parampara, not simply by jnana or mental speculation. One has to get a slight glance of mercy from Krishna. If we surrender to Krishna, He will give us protection from sinful reaction. Maya keeps us in her clutches unless we surrender to Krishna.

Maharaja Pariksit surrendered to Sukadeva. He surrendered at his birth. Krishna entered the womb and saved Maharaja Pariksit. So the question may be asked, “Why didn’t Maharaja Pariksit surrender to Krishna when he was cursed?” He was a young man and very powerful, he could have counteracted the curse by himself. But Krishna told him in the heart to accept the curse. Otherwise, the Srimad-Bhagavatam would not have been spoken.
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