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Japa essay

Postby sdgonline » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:54 am

Japa should not be chanted on automatic pilot. It should not be done unconsciously. It is a conscious deliberation. Unless you’re conscious, you can’t go deep. Going deep means thinking of the mantras and their meaning, listening carefully to the enunciation of the syllables. I think this is a very important distinction I just covered: unconscious and conscious chanting. Narayan asked me if I was worried about anything. I told him I was disturbed by my late chanting. He said that won’t do any good, and of course, he’s right. I should be assured that I’ll get my rounds done when I come back from the beach. Just don’t ruin the chanting by rushing and chanting without thought. There’s no point in rushing them. I have enough time in the day for good chanting, for deep chanting. Go all the way down to thinking that you’re chanting to Radha and Krishna, and be eager for Their reciprocation through the sound vibration. Don’t push the mantras through your mouth so quickly so that it’s like eating quickly, which is a bad habit, and unhealthy. Chanting quickly is fine as long as you keep your concentration and your meditation. If you find yourself just chanting to get them done, then you know you’re going too fast or too thoughtlessly. The idea that I have to have eight or ten done before I leave the house is an artificial construction. Just be patient. Everything will get done.
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