Prabhupada’s instruction for preachers and book distributors

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Prabhupada’s instruction for preachers and book distributors

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Srila Prabhupada’s instruction for preachers and book distributors

Srila Prabhupada : “No, that is missionary activities, that they do not understand, but you have to make them understand. They are not calling you, "I am suffering. Please come," but it is your business to go and let them know that "You are suffering. You take this method." That is the way of becoming very quickly recognized by Krishna. Otherwise, if you think, "They are not understanding, what is the use of going there? Let me sleep," that is not good. They are not understanding; still, you have to go. Then Krishna will take that "He is laboring so hard for My sake." Never mind he is successful. It doesn't matter. But you are working hard for Krishna. That is noted down. So our business is to be recognized by Krishna. Whether one man is converted or not converted, that is not our business. We shall try our best. But Krishna must see that I am giving service to Krishna. That's all. That is wanted. Not that you have to judge that you have approached so many men; nobody became Krishna conscious. That doesn't matter. But you have gone there. You have endeavored your sincere effort. That is recognized by Krishna. That is the order of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.”
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