findind a devotee husband for my daughter

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findind a devotee husband for my daughter

Postby arpita_p » Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:16 pm

dandavats pranam
I am a mother of a beautiful and a well educated girl. Since 7-8 years we are trying a suitable match for her..but yet unsuccessful.Now that her age has crossed 30 all of us are worried.We have tried all ways to make sure she gets a best match.Now my daughter is getting tired of this gruesome process.We pray to krishna from within our hearts..but he remains unanswered.The prospects that my girl gets are not upto her expectations as they turn out to be karmis..drinkers..smokers..frauds..also the kundali's don't match.My daughter is looking for a loving,caring,well educated boy from a well to do family from maharashtra/mumbai/pune/.Now most grooms are almost younger her age who are looking for young and fresh girls.
She and all of us are almost on the verge of losing hope .I am really very worried.When will lrishna answer our prayers?
hare krishna
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Re: findind a devotee husband for my daughter

Postby sanjay » Sat Dec 12, 2009 2:31 pm

Hare Krishna Mataji,
I am a doctor working in Manchester,UK.I am associated with the Iskcon Manchester temple.
If you wish to know more about me in view of a possible marriage prospect , please contact me on my email
Hare Krishna
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