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Postby a devotee » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:12 pm

Hare Krishna

I am sorry to ask such a question but would be happy to get some help.

My Sis in law is getting married on 5 Aug 2010 but the whole family on both sides of the wedding group is non vegetarian except me and my husband who are sheltered in the lotus feet of our Guru Maharaj.
Being bengalis the tradition is to have non veg in the marriage, its a kind of must for them.
My inlaws will in no way listen to us(the idea of prasadam) and it would be like a shame for both the families in front of whole society.
Now being our responsibility we have to take care of the marriage and this means killing n number of innocent animals.
Also day to day taking care of the family also means the same, since they eat non veg at home.
So what can we do ?
If we take care of our responsibilities then we are actually helping in those kiliing of those innocent animals?
Also its very difficult to make them devotees.We are always trying for that in all possible ways.
We are just praying.

Please help.

Your humble Servant
a devotee
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Re: Non veg

Postby Mahesh Kumar Gandhi » Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:27 am

Hare Krsna the so called devotee Mataji !
You may call me any names, but from what you have written I will say you have not reached the status of a devotee of Lord Krsna . You are more worried about shame of your family infront of society. You are not worried about what Krsna would say to you if you kill those innocent animals knowlingly and cold-bloodedly murder them. I am being harsh ! yes I am. You call yourself a devotee of Krsna and that too sheltered at the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj ?
If a tradition is bad then it is bad. And a true devotee of Lord Krsna is worried only about what my beloved Krsna will say or feel. A true devotee is not worried about this society or families. A true devotee knows all these relations are false and temporary and that too stand only for selfish reasons. These relations are built up on false foundation of Ego, Self Respect, Lobha, Kam and Krodha.
In my opinion you must choose between Krsna or these temporary Bhautik relations. Naturally when you say you are a devotee then choose Krsna.
You take one step towards Krsna and he will take a 1000 steps towards you. There is nothing to worry. Follow Krsna. Do what Krsna says. You will be in profit by listening to Krsna rather than listening to "Swarthi Bhautik Jagat."
Mahesh Kumar Gandhi
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Re: Non veg

Postby npawar » Fri May 28, 2010 11:04 am

Hare krishna mataji,
What preaching opportunity* for you Don't worry mataji this problem we can solve easily. please provide all information on situation still i will provide some ideas
please tell you and prabhu are only main responsible person in this function.
1. please note down who are the key people who are financing and managing this marriage try to pass unwanted responsibilties to them
2. take care that your are laxmi is not directly used for meat. :geek:
3. please tell how many other members are their in family who can take care of managing marraige with out both of you
4. This is kaliyuga no body is less than anybody if you are only show stopper (Financer w.r.t. Laxmi ) you can change scene in way you want.
a) u please discuss with both parties that we are doing spirutal practise and we don't allow meat in religious programs in case they want let them do it in thier own home.
b) still people want meat tell them we will not invest laxmi in Food section let who wants it he should invest, you just go as guest, attain marriage.
c) Prasad have its own effect they will elevate gradually prasad is causeless mercy. [but you please don't mix prasad with non veg, give seaperately as snacks, breakfast ,welcome drink generally meat item will be there as main course ] they may not take seriously but if we have sincere desire to preach them then KRISHNA will take them seriously then u know rest. i suggest you distribute special maha mahaprasad packets (e.g. sweets) to everyone.
d) I was distributing magzines in one engangement of pious person (we requested them to sponser ) see we are concern about preaching you also can do this.
e) You can convince both parties (If they are modern ) tell them you are calling priest (ISKCON style wedding)
select marraige hall which will have meal arrangement at quite distance
f) If husband of your sis-in-law is favorable present your views to him convince him.
g) we have best of philosophy in world and best of all (KRISHNA) in world i feel you can easily solve this.

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे || हरे रामा हरे रामा रामा रामा हरे हरे||
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