How to switch from grihstha ashram to Vanaprastha ashram ?

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How to switch from grihstha ashram to Vanaprastha ashram ?

Postby npawar » Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:25 pm

i am struggling devotee and really wants to wind up all and try to engage in service full time.please guide me here is my condition:
1. i have been seaperated with my partner before coming to K.C. and now 3 years are passed
2. i am feeling heat of this material world, practically 80% activities i can connect to future misery easily.
3. my age is 28 only so i am worrying whether it is ok for joining vanapraqstha ashram
4. i need to give some money to family before joining vanaprasha ashram as a security amount for parents for thier future.kindly tell me how many years i should spend in this activity , how we can decide quantity of money they require in future ? what are the factors that needs to be consider.

Your servant
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Re: How to switch from grihstha ashram to Vanaprastha ashram ?

Postby kalanidhidas » Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:50 pm

Hare Krishna! Dandavath Pranam Pr. Your mood of being frustrated with material life is the perfect recipe for advancement in Krishna COnsciousness. In that sense, frustration with material life is the ultimate goal of human life.

But let me hasten to caution you that mayadevi has many tricks and one of them is to make us feel that we are ready for giving up material connection and start pursuing spiritual life exclusively. But the moment we make the switch or very soon, she will make us regret our decision and hanker for the earlier situation!

Thus, it is very necessary to do a lot of introspection before a decision. We must ask ourselves, our true motives for giving up material life. Sometimes some hidden desires, aversions, fears may push us to reject material life. This is very dangerous. We know many cases of people getting trapped between two worlds. So please do not hurry. God has good reasons for keeping us where we are and he wants to know how well we are serving him in these tough conditions.

In fact pathram, pushpam palam thoyam has meanings at many levels. A brahmachary in temple may serve the lord 16hours a day and a grahastha may do so only for 4hours. But Krishna may give more value to the latter, if he feels that Gruhastha is doing the best within his limitations. Please consider. Krishna does not measure everyone on a common yardstick. Let us not feel that there is only one way to please him.

If you want more guidance, I humbly request you to contact senior devotees with whom you have a deep relationship. A forum like this may not be the right place. Please forgive if I am committing any offence. Many times I feel like you do. But I conclude that Krishna wants me here for a purpose and I should understand and perform to his satisfaction.

Hare Krishna! I pray that Krishna should show you the right path.
Your humble servant
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