Fallen devotee wants to rise again is it possible now ??

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Fallen devotee wants to rise again is it possible now ??

Postby krishnadasi » Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:20 pm

i was devotee of Krishna first i was not sincere devotee but then later i realised that being in Lord Krishna's bhakti made me happy so i tried to be more sincere.. then all material problems and situations arised that i was left with no other alternate than to do bhakti. in the mean while a boy prop me i refused and insulted him coz i felt that he would say rubbish things to do then out of revenge he insulted me, defamed me in the city, misused my name and talked over net all rubbish to boys but i did not said anything feeling that God will himself teach him a lesson, but he did not understood it took me time to forgive him as he was my friend but with passage of time i forgot him and came out of that setback then few days ago he played his worst game and showed me his real face he was doing all those tantra mantra on me when all that failed as Lord Krishna saved me, he send a tantric baba to my house he gave me water to drink i dont know what was in that and we could not judge that baba he something like hypnotised us and asked my mom and brother to leave that room so that he could treat me they went away then in was w5 to 10 min in the room.. he did some thing wrong i took name of Narayane and suddenly i got my conciousness back and then i started beating him hard, called my brother we both gave him hard..

all this was done by that boy. out of revenge

first i was getting what i was feeling i was to do bhakti and suddenly all this happened, i have never done anything bad ever with any boy i was a full of character girl but all this happened and all here are blaming me then my father took me to someother place to sale me but dearest lord saved me..
now i am back in home and i am not getting what should i do sometimes i think to committ suicide but then i think after 84 lakh species i got this birth of human to worship Lord and go back to Godhead but now i am deviated and fallen may be because of other people's evil motives..

now what should i do i dont want to go on wrong path and spoil my life, i dont want to go back to that devil who spoiled my life , i even dont want to take revenge but to progress in bhakti..

but devil ruined my life badly my dreams and now boys are after me like stray dogs no one is helping me i am only in feet of Lord Krishna, my parents are not taking my side what should i do in this situation plz plz plz plz help .....
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Re: Fallen devotee wants to rise again is it possible now ??

Postby vrk » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:59 pm

Dear Devi,

Please try to understand that your problem is not so much the problem itself, but your perception of it. Your mind is creating a mountain out of a mole hill. Nothing has gone wrong in your life and it will all be straightened out in no time. You know what to do — Chant Hare Krishna.

You think you are deviant and fallen, dear; that is excellent. This is what all the acharyas always thought. Repentance is the beginning of atonement. However, your repentance is based more on the acceptance of the people around you. Never bother much about what other's think about you. The only thing that matters is what Krishna thinks of you; and He thinks you are wonderful. When a person takes to Krishna Consciousness very seriously, tribulations will abound. You will see this in the life of all stalwart devotees. The more you will chant, the more problems will arise. This is why Krishna is called Hari — the one who unburdens or takes away all unwanted things. In your case, the unwanted things seem to the negative elements in the psyche — anger, blame, hatred, guilt, resentment, and emotionally becoming overwhelmed.

Blessed are you if people curse your name, since this gives you the honor of praying for that person. It is not really that person who is coming back at you, but his conditioning. The greatest service you can do is to pray for that person. Pray harder than you would pray for yourself. Your ego will scream out of pain. It will want to curse that person for hurting you, so that he learns a lesson how not to treat anybody. This doesn't please Krishna the least. But I suggest the most powerful cure — pray to Krishna for his deliverance, for the tantric's deliverance, your parent's deliverance. Through that forgiveness you will become divinely endowed. Krishna will forgive you instantaneously, because what is happening to you is the harvest of the seeds sown by you yourself, as another person in history.

This will purify the negative elements in the psyche and bring you to the platform of being lower than a blade of grass, more tolerant than a tree, giving respect to all and expecting none in return — the three prerequisites to constantly chanting. A blade of grass doesn't protest or retaliate for being trampled on, rather gives softness to the feet. It doesn't take even a fraction of a moment for Krishna to burn away all your karmic reactions, but He wants you to learn some lessons and go beyond the mundane. You are bestowed with the special mercy of the Lord. Do not deny it. Do not wish to trade your position with anyone else's in creation. Be unique and take complete shelter of Krishna. He is all that you need, and He needs you.

From a material standpoint, go to the nearest temple and seek a Mataji counselor. I would suggest renouncing the association of such hostile relatives. This is also something I can't speak for much from here in the US. But a devotee counselor who meets you will be able to judge the situation and advice accordingly. It would be better for you to live a new life with renewed relationships. Rest assured, chant and all perfection awaits you.
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Re: Fallen devotee wants to rise again is it possible now ??

Postby npawar » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:01 pm

Hare krishna,
Don't worry i am agree with prabhus advice.
be practical , avoid association of such people those are creating problems .
and if parents are not helping you & boys are chasing you please first take legal action.
womens liberation * just do complaint against people those are creating problem for you then see
fight for dharma just like arjuna. send bad people behind BARS.
make it legal no boy can see at you remember
if you die while fighting krishna will like this e.g in ramayana how JATAYU gave up his life in saving life & chastity of mother seeta.
if you win battel u'll enjoy life & end krishna will take you back to godhead.
mainly fear is because our enjoying tendancy(subtle) only. when you don't wants to enjoy you become FEARLESS wherever you go*****************************

if you are in india refer this website

else search in google for legal quarrel. don't worry just face it.
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे || हरे रामा हरे रामा रामा रामा हरे हरे||
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Re: Fallen devotee wants to rise again is it possible now ??

Postby Mahesh Kumar Gandhi » Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:14 pm

Hare Krishna Krishnadasi Mataji, posting.php?mode=reply&f=21&t=506# You have been adviced by VRK 100% correctly. I would like to cite the story of Draupadi. She was holding her sari with both her hands and trying to pull it back towards herself from Dushyasan who was pulling her sari. While doing so she was crying for Krsna to help save her from Dushyasan. But Krsna was there all smiling but doing nothing to save Draupadi. Ultimately Draupadi spread hands in the sky and cried " Bachana Hai to Bachao Krsna meri izzat tumhare hathon me hai" and oh my God like a lightening speed Krsna draped his Pitambar around Draupadi and saved her izzat. Purport of the story is that you have to surrender 100 % to Krsna and then only he liberates you. One story goes like this, Bhishma Pitamah was forced by Duryodhan accusing Bhishma about loyalty to Kauravas, into making a Pratigya that tomorrow one of the Pandavas will be killed by him. That Arjuna was snoringly sleeping "Ghode Bech kar". Whereas Krsna was restless the whole night thinking out a solution for Bhishma's Pratigya. When asked Arjuna, how could you sleep even in such a grave situation, Arjun replied Oh my Lord, I have 100% urrendered to you and that is why I have nothing to worry about. that is why I could sleep the whole night.
There is nothing to worry. Why do you need the help of legal advisers or anybody else, when you have surrendered to Krsna. You simply chant his name loudly more vigorously and have faith in him 100%. He will drape a Pitambar around you just like Draupadi and liberate you. Why are you worried about comments or criticism of this Bhautik Jagat. This is immaterial. You must worry only about what Krsna will say.
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