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Postby a devotee » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:15 pm

Hare Krishna


About my husband- he is very nice devotee who says that he always remembers Krishna (for 24 hrs).He likes devotional service. he has a very good councellor from juhu ISKCON.he gels very nicely with all devotees. many devotees from different temples know him personally.he renders service in all the programmes that he attends. All the devotees like him a lot. He has visited many temples.He tries to take only prasadam.If you see him you will be very happy to meet him and feel he is so nice.
About me-by Krishna's mercy I can chant 16 rounds everyday.
Somehow may be because of work pressure my husband has stopped chanting.Earlier he used to chant 16 rounds.He comes home at 10 pm and by the time we can sleep its almost 11and hence gets up late. But whenever he has some time he either tries to do official work or sleep or some other things only when told.he wont do anything on his own.Even I am working and leave the house by morning 6 so I tell him to chant at that time because he leaves home by 9 am also he has afternoon break from 1 to 4.30 but still he is unable to complete his rounds.most of the time he cannot even complete 1 round.
Please suggest something that he can chant 16 rounds daily.

Your humble servant
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Postby Dasanudas » Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:44 am

Hare Krsna,

Dandavat pranams. Please accept my humble obesiences.

"Harer Nama, Harer Nama, Harer Nama,
eva kevalam kaliya nasteva, gatir anyatha."

Chanting is very very very important. That is the only only only way to Krsna consiousness. There is no other solution.

One request, kindly request your husband to chant one round atleast. And kindly request your husband to accompany you to the temple every Sunday. Sunday may be used for Darshan & Mercy of the Lord, associating with devotees (which the most powerful), and having lunch prasadam (there is nothing like Krsna prasadam to advance in devotional service).

So, in conclusion, I feel, (1) Chanting one round atleast everyday, gradually increase. (2) Visting temple every Sunday. One request, Chanting one round may take only 5-7mins.

Mothers are very intelligent and clever, and I feel, they could get anything done as they desire. So, doing these things, directly or indirectly, would be easy for mothers.

Please forgive my offenses. And Please give me your blessings.

In your service...

Hare Krsna.
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