Do we need to follow Garuda Puran

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Do we need to follow Garuda Puran

Postby praveen » Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:22 am

Hare Krishna,

My dad recently died. He was doing Krishna sadhana, but I would not call him a devotee.
He used to read one chapter daily from Srimad BhagawadGita. He did this for as long as 20 years. Also used to discuss Krishna's pastimes from Satsang within family. But never did chanting.

He recently died like everyone dies.

After his death, I came to know about Garuda Puran and managed to read the puran.

As you know Garuda Puran is discussion between Krishna and His devotee Garuda, where they discuss about what happens after death and what rituals one need to perform when someone dies.

My questions are:

1. Do I really need to do the things mentioned in Garuda Puran? or is it because of my attachment towards my dad, I am trying to do those things which will free him from difficlut situations in Mrituloka?
2. Since Krishna says in BhagawadGita, that one should only perform his bhakti, and in Garuda Puran Krishna explains all those rituals, so is it that if I am purely commited to Krishna's devotion, then all those rituals are not at all necessary.
3. In Gaurda Puran it is mentioned that, if the Shradha ceremony is not performed the soul gets Preta body. So if my dad was reading SriMadBhagawadGita, then if the ritual ceremonies are not performed, will he take preta body?
4. What happens if some devotee dies in ISKCON? Do other devotee brothers perform all the ritauals? or they expect soul to go back to Krishna and they do not perform any rituals?

Please forgive me with these questions but will pray to Krishna that my dad gets again a human birth so that Krishna allows him to perform bhakti as Krishna said in BhagawadGita, but again Krishna is the final authority. I know whatever we want for our family members is all about attachment, but I hope Krishna allows him human birth again.

Hare Krishna, Hari Bol
Your servant
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Re: Do we need to follow Garuda Puran

Postby npawar » Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:23 pm

very nice Q'n I am also waiting for someones comment on this topic. as per my limited understanding
1) We can't follow garuda purana properly in kaliyuga now everything is contaminated and duplicate.but PRINCIPLE can be taken in to account while doing to our limited abilities.

2) please be specific about rituals. some are allowed like garbhdhan samskar,consulting astrologer before marriage and consulting astrolger for serious problem say health etc because we are not pure devotee.(this is my opinion only)

3) I heard from devotees for shraddha there are some alternatives which vaishnvas do you please ask senior devotees say like they make feast for devotees , do sankirtana also they offer one plate prasad in to ganges .

4) for sincere devotee (sincere desire to go back home back to godhead) in iskcon nothing is needed like above mention but if devotee is not sincere then all above may needed.

please consult senior devotees like SP disciples or Temple authorities for exact and right information.
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे || हरे रामा हरे रामा रामा रामा हरे हरे||
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Re: Do we need to follow Garuda Puran

Postby Mahesh Kumar Gandhi » Tue May 04, 2010 4:43 pm

When Bhautik Jagat (8400000 Yonies) come into contact with Adhyatmic Jagat (Krsna) two times once at birth and other at death. That time "Sootak" or "Sooaa" attracts the Blood relatives of the person. This knowledge and the rules to be followed and rituals to avoid mishappenings in the form of "Pretas" and their ill-effects on the blood relatives in specific so also society at large, have been formulated by our well known researching rishis. Only in Hindu sanskruti there is a complete science developed which deals with "AFTER DEATH" rituals to be performed. Every ritual as designed by our Rishis has a definite meaning and cause. People at large didn't have ability to understand the cosmic rules and regulations, so the ritual had to be got done from them by applying a fear cause alongwith the ritual, so that because of fear the rituals got performed by people at large. Now-a-days modern science disapproves this "fear attachment procedure". When we teach KG-I student and he asks pointing at Sun what is that : You can not answer the child saying it is a Planet which is emitting Ultraviolet rays which will burn the whole earth if they do not have to pas through the ozone layer surrounding the earth. Likewise the answers change with the age of the person at whom they are being directed. But may be fear part though false, the cause for which our Rishies designed certain rituals is True and has to be followed. Garuda Purana is one such attempt to quench the thirst of inquisitive minds of "NEEM HAAKIMS KHATRAEI JAAN" who don't have full knowledge nor do they have full ignorance.
Nowhere in the world except in Egypt, studies have been carried out in AFTER DEATH concept. But in Egypt also we see from history so many instances of the mummies reincarnations by Preta, Pishach etc.
Lord Krsna never said you to perform ONLY BHAKTI AND I WILL RELIEVE YOU. On the contrary he said you perform your Karmas without expecting fruits, do your duties in "Akarmanye Vadhikaraste....." and I will gradually lift you up. It takes many many " janmana, janmana anto ....." to get liberated from this materialistic world. Ofcourse your Dad will get birth in Manushya Yoni and hi bhakti will start right from the level he left it in this life.
Performing Bhakti doesn't mean not to do other things. Like you cannot say no Sir I will not eat, breath, sleep since I am doing Bhakti. Likewise you have to perform the scientific rituals that our Rishies have ascribed on us to be followed. See everything cannot be explained to a KG student. He has to simply follow what his mother or father asks him to do. The ame applies to follow what our Researchers have said and laid down in Up Nishadas, Puranas and other many scriptures. Don't go much deeper in the following of rituals, but follow the basic concepts atleast. Because our Scriptures have stood for such a long time, there are editions for and against available. Don't enter into controversies like a Karmakandi which forgets the rule and remembers the procedure. It is a basic fact that you have to give aahuti in yagna ; how you give it is a matter of personal choice. But ofcourse a logical person will respect what history have formulated.
Reading Bhagwad Gita is not like a Pasport given to a person for not becoming a Preta. If he had strong entanglements of Maya Devi, Krsna'a Bahyaranga Shakti, then your Dad will definitely tend to come back to his body if available, or else try to influence through his blood relatives. That is the research done by our Rishies, and that is why they have laid out certain rules so as to relieve the dead person from the clutches of Maya devi and force him to go to forward journey and not backward. In Garuda Purana the procedure of calling the dead person's preta at the place where "Kriya Karma" is being done, and showing him how his body is being formed every day by offering one Pinda, and thereafter dismanteling the body ...... and so on. You have to read the Garuda Purana with due respect and prayer to Krsna to give knowledge to know the meaning of various verses.
Even Rama had performed these rituals for their parents Dashrath in Sarayu River. Lord Krsna had advised Pandavas to offer Tarpana to their relatives, and go on to Tirtha Yatra (Badrinarayan tirth dhaam).
So my dear, whatever we ask for our family members is not calledattachment. Freeing your father from the clutches of Maya Devi is not an act of attachment. On the contrary it is your duty, as shown by Lord Rama.
I cannot presume all your querries have been quenched. But I can say I have put in whatever little Lord Krsna gave me in this discussion.
I seek forgiveness of Lord Krsna if I have offended Him or any of His devotees, knowingly or unknowingly. Hare Krishna !
Mahesh Kumar Gandhi
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