Who is Kalki Avatar

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Who is Kalki Avatar

Postby gafur » Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:00 am


I came across this video

http://www.youutube.com/watch?v=qiOvaWq ... re=related

Where Respected Zakir Naik explains how Prophet Mohammed was Kalki Avatar. He provides references of Bhagawat Puran and Qoran to prove this.

My Indian friend told me that, this is wrong. Kalki Avatar has not yet taken birth in this world.

Would anybody shed any light on this topic.

Allah may bless all of us.
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Re: Who is Kalki Avatar

Postby anuj0ue » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:02 am

This is absolutely wrong. Kalki Avtar is scheduled for appearing at the end of Kali Yuga, which is still about 4,27,000 years later. Plus Puranas mentions his place of birth as Sambhal and his father's name as Visnuyash. His mother's name is mentioned as Sumati. His wife's name is mentioned as Padma. His teacher is mentioned as Yagyavalkya and his his horse's name is Devadutta. Does prohpet Muhammad fulfill all these criterions?
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Re: Who is Kalki Avatar

Postby Hari Das » Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:44 am

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.
THis is all quoted from Prabhupada.

In the first Canto of Bhagavatam, text 25:
athasau yuga-sandhyayam
dasyu-prayesu rajasu
janita visnu-yasaso
namna kalkir jagat-patih
Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Visnu Yasa. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers.
Here is another foretelling of the advent of Lord Kalki, the incarnation of Godhead. He is to appear at the conjunction of the two yugas, namely at the end of Kali-yuga and the beginning of Satya-yuga. The cycle of the four yugas, namely Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, rotates like the calendar months. The present Kali-yuga lasts 432,000 years, out of which we have passed only 5,000 years after the Battle of Kuruksetra and the end of the regime of King Pariksit. So there are 427,000 years balance yet to be finished. Therefore at the end of this period, the incarnation of Kalki will take place, as foretold in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. The name of His father, Visnu Yasa, a learned brahmana, and the village Sambhala are also mentioned. As above mentioned, all these foretellings will prove to be factual in chronological order. That is the authority of Srimad-Bhagavatam.

This is the purport to the song Sri Dasavatara Stotra:
The next avatara is Kalki avatara. We are awaiting, after four hundred thousands of years from this time, the Kalki avatara will come, and He'll take a sword on the horseback, just like a king, He'll simply go on killing all these non-believers, Godless creatures. There will be no more preaching. As in other incarnation there is preaching, in Kalki avatara the population of the whole world will be so much reduced to animalism that there will be no more power to understand what is God, or what is spiritualism. And it is already there, the Kali-yuga. It will increase. People will have no power to understand this philosophy, God consciousness. So at that time there is no other alternative than to kill them all, and usher in another Satya-yuga. That is the way of (couldn't understand this last word).
~Hari Das D. P. N.
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