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Can prasad tiffin services started in all places ?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:56 pm
by npawar
Hare krishna,
as i am facing many difficulties to take lunch box from home , i want some one near thane area can provide me prasad tiffin.many times devotees remain hungry because prasad not available.
different options are available.
for those are skilled in cooking
1. devotees can open their local tiffin services in their area and it is very profit making i understand there is lot demand for home made food in offices
2. devotees can open restaurants or small canteens to provide prasada to devotees.
3. devotees can start such services in all areas so that youth who are searching for food can be easily given krishna prasad.
4. now days there are tiffin transportation services are available (in mumbai) who carry tiffin from home to office which will simply remove transporataion anxiety for devotees, they just need to pack tiffin.
5. devotees can maintain address for food spots on common website or forum so that all will be benifited

please suggest more