Existence of God

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Existence of God

Postby diyaashish » Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:03 am

I have a friend who does not believe in existence of God. He has asked me that how do we believe that God exists. What answer should I give to him? Is there any lecture on this topic which i can ask him to listen?
Kindly suggest me what should i tell him.
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Re: Existence of God

Postby anandcaitanyadasa » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:30 pm

Yes. u try getting lectures given in 'Journey of Self-Discovery. 6 day course'. on one of the six day the topic of existence of God is discussed. this is a very logical presentation, with many examples and even quotes from big scientists.
Best would be if u'r friend actually attends this 6 day course in SSRG temple. but if thats too difficult then
at-least try to get those lectures.
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Re: Existence of God

Postby Hari Das » Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:45 pm

Behind everything there is someone involved. Behind the U.S.A. there is the government. Behind the creation of a movie, there is a producer and director. Now, I'm going to quote Srila Prabhupada:

Prabhupada: Material consciousness means forgetting God. When one forgets God, that is material consciousness. Material consciousness is called maya. Actually one should not forget. But if he forgets somehow or other, that is material consciousness. Naturally nobody forgets his father and mother. But if, somehow or other, he forgets, that is a special circumstances and that is called maya, illusion. Just like any one of you who are existing, you must have a father and mother. That is a fact. Without father and mother, your existence cannot be. Now, if you cannot say who is your father and mother, if you do not know, this forgetfulness, this is called maya. Actually it should not happen, but somehow or other, if you are asked, "Who is your parents?" You cannot say. This is called maya. But there must be some father and mother. Without father and mother, there cannot be an existence. You cannot deny that. You cannot say, "Oh, I have no father and mother." That is not possible. You may not know who is your father, mother. That is a different thing. But you cannot say, "Oh, I have no father, mother." So this denial, that "I don't believe in God," is a existence like that, one who has forgotten his father and mother. That is maya, and that is material consciousness. Denying God in different way, "There is no God," that is also denial. "I don't believe in God"—that is also denial. "God is impersonal, void," anyway, whatever you say in that way, that is all insanity, maya. Maya means insanity. Another meaning of maya means insanity. Just like when a man becomes insane, that is false. It is expected that he should not be insane. By treatment he is brought again to his original consciousness. Similarly, maya means insanity, forgetfulness of God. And by Krishna consciousness treatment he comes to the original consciousness. He becomes a cured man. Actually maya means which has no existence. Maya has no existence. But sometimes it is there. Just like the sky's cover. This covering is not reality. The reality is this sky, clear sky, but somehow it is now covered. You cannot see the clear sky. So there is temporary, temporary illusion. Now, if I see the cloud only and if I say, "Oh, there is no sun. There is no illumination," or "There is no clear sky," that is insanity. Because I cannot see-under certain circumstances, I deny it—that is my insanity. Therefore you have to approach to a man who knows that there is sunlight, there is sun, there is clear sky... If you go there... You require all this education, knowledge. By knowledge one transcends maya, or material existence. What is the difference between ordinary man and Krishna conscious man? They are also living in this world, in this apartment. Everything is being utilized like others. We are also eating, sleeping also. But what is the difference? Our difference—that we accept that everything belongs to Krishna; others do not. That's all. That is maya. Everything actually belongs to Krishna. He does not know. He thinks, "It belongs to me," or "This, my nation, this, my country, this, that," so many things. He is manufacturing. And we know the simple truth, that everything belongs to Kåñëa. So let everything be offered to Krishna. That's all. Yes.
This information is from a room conversation on May 10, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio.
~Hari Das D. P. N.
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Re: Existence of God

Postby bhumika123 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:02 pm

tell him that he is here only bcoz of god.......
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