who is krsna.

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who is krsna.

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Q. Who is Krsna?

A. When we pronounce the name “Krsna”, it is not any sectarian name. Krsna is God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, original and primary person. Although He is omnipresent, He does not leave His eternal abode where He lives in His original, transcendental form. Krsna is unlimited, whereas we, living beings, are limited in every way. Krsna is the unlimited source of all living beings and we are His eternal, tiny parts and parcels. He possesses all noble qualities in unlimited measure. He is the most beautiful of all. Because He is the Supreme, His form and personality are also supreme. No one is more beautiful or attractive than Him. Krsna attracts everyone. Therefore His name is Krsna, which means “all-attractive person”. One who does not attract everyone cannot be God. The word “Krsna” also denotes the supreme pleasure and it is confirmed that the Supreme Lord is the source of all pleasure. Living beings have consciousness like the Lord and they desire to be happy. The Lord is always happy and if they associate and cooperate with Him, they will be also happy.
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