Name and meaning of Krishna.

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Name and meaning of Krishna.

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Q. What are the various names and meaning of krishna?

A. the following are some of the names and meaning of lord krishna
1. Krishna:- means all-attractive.
2. Parthasarthi :- the charioteer of Arjuna.
3. Vasudeva :- son of Vasudeva.
4. Devakinandana :- son of mother Devaki.
5. Nandanandana :-son of Nanda Maharaj.
6. Yashodanandana :- son of Mother Yashoda.
7. Madhusudhana :- slayer of the demon Madhu.
8. Narayana :- the four handed form of the lord
9. Govinda :- gives pleasure to the cows and to the senses
10.Keshava :- killer of keshi demon.
11. Madhava :- husband of the goddess of fortune
12. Ranchor :- One who fled from fighting
13. janardhana:- maintainer of all living entities
14. Lakshmipathi:- husband of goddess lakshmi
15. Hrishikesa:-owner of all senses
16. Mukunda :- the giver of liberation
17. Damodar :- one who was tied by ropes
18. Hari:- one who takes away all distress.
19. Acyuta:- one who never falls down
20. Ajita:- unconqurable
21. Yogeshwara:- master of mystic powers
22. jagatpati:- master of the cosmic manifestation.
23. Yadunandana :- son of the yadu dynasty
24 Brahmanya-deva:- all brahmanas worship him.
25. Jananivasa:- present in everyone's heart.
26. Vamana:- drawf , taugh a lesson to Bali.
27. Trinayana:- seer of the three worlds
28. shripati:- husband of goddess of fortune laksmi
29. sankarshan:- supreme ego.
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