How to convince my husband that Krishna is Supreme?

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How to convince my husband that Krishna is Supreme?

Postby diyaashish » Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:05 pm

My husband always argues with me that why do I worship Krishna as the Supreme Lord.He says that we are hindus so we say Krishna is God and Prophet Mohammad,Jesus Christ and the other Gods of all religions are also equal to Krishna.
Kindly give me some suggestions on how can I convince my husband that Krishna is The only Supreme God and thus bring my husband to Krishna Consciousness.
Hari Bol.
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Re: How to convince my husband that Krishna is Supreme?

Postby vrk » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:28 pm

Dear Mataji,

You cannot convince a person of the Absolute Truth that easily; else we would've all been liberated a long time ago. Don't try to convince. Since you are the home minister, when the prime minister is off to work, pray fervently for the whole family. The Maha-mantra is non-different from Krishna. What's the big deal in convincing your husband? But there are experiences to be dealt with and learnt from. Don't oppose this natural process of growth. Cook wonderful food and keep feeding your husband and children only prasadam. He will eventually change.

Debating on scriptures is a lost battle even before you begin; then what to speak of establishing the Absolute Truth? Even Srila Prabhupada struggled for 69 years, Jesus was crucified, Haridas Thakura was flogged publicly. Who are we? Nothing to worry, just keep praying very hard and avoid scriptural conversations with your husband as that will induce him to commit offenses.

Haribol !!
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Re: How to convince my husband that Krishna is Supreme?

Postby npawar » Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:36 pm

Thank you very much PR. i have same problem. but i am working person how i can fees prasadam to my family ?

my family accepts krishna is supreme ,but they don't wants to heart demigods (they fear them) .
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Re: How to convince my husband that Krishna is Supreme?

Postby vrk » Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:36 pm

So if you are working does it mean that you don't eat anything at home? I don't understand your condition clearly. Under dire circumstances, if one is forced to subsist only on outside food, then Krishna will accept even food offered to Him in that manner. But mind you, the circumstances must be genuine and you must be honest with yourself. Never practice trickery. Moreover, the basic regulations such as no meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onions, etc. apply always. you can read my previous post on this.

It is very simple. There is nothing in the universe that can check your spiritual progress except yourself. If you have the sincere desire to advance, you will be ready to live even on milk and bread. I'm sure there are many more items you can eat. Srila Prabhupada was willing to live on boiled potatoes to carry out the order of his Guru and Krishna. My Guru Maharaj hardly eats once a day, and that too only if someone feeds him. This is vyavasayatmika buddhih — resolute determination.

On your second query, all demigods also worship only Krishna. So worshipping Him will only make them more happy. Even if a person has material desires, it is dangerous to not approach Krishna. No matter how gross the desires be, it is still very dangerous to not approach Krishna. Only Krishna will transform that desire into the desire to renounce it, and He does it beautifully, without hurting one's ego. I recommend you read the pastime of Nimai debating with Kesava Kasmiri. Are you reading Bhagavatam daily? If not, please begin soon. A lot of your questions will be answered.

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Re: How to convince my husband that Krishna is Supreme?

Postby learning2love » Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:24 am

I also have this same situation. I am new to Krishna Conciousness although I feel that I have finally found my purpose, my true nature. My husband has been exposed before but he still refuses to accept.. he has even been touched by a Guru. He finds it all a big joke, and this is very hard for me to swallow at time. I pray fervently for Krishna to open his mind and heart. He sees change within me and this scares him also. I have only made prasadam twice, but I feel a bit lost as to how to do it properly. Also, my husband is not accepting of Dieties in the house and whenever I am cooking for him he is home. How can I prepare prasadam without him knowing? I know that this is something very important that I must do but I am just not too sure of how to go about it. What is the best method of offering food to Lord Krishna for someone in my position?

With Humble gratitude

Hari Bol !
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