Why should we not ask for help from Krishna?

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Why should we not ask for help from Krishna?

Postby Rahul » Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:02 pm

Hare Krishna, In many posts and also in many lectures, I've heard that Krishna is not our order supplier, that we demand that He fulfil our desires. But if we analyze, we can see that it is not that everyone goes to Him with a demand like attitude. Rather, mostly what I have seen throughout India, people go to Him, and request Him, rather beg him for their needs. Though it is not a spiritual desire, still it is like asking for needs from one's father. So what is wrong in it? Atleast they are not going to the demigods. In the process, they are also getting purified. Definately this is lower than deisre for pure devotional service. But then, how many really want that?

My question is, is there a gradation of people approaching Krishna with material desires? I do not mean the 4 types of Sukritinas. But like, those who do not approach, those who approach with a demanding mentality, those who approach with a prayful or humble mood etc ( for material benefits of course ) ? And if there is a grading, who is more near to come to pure devotional service in future? How should we see such worshippers? Is there any gradation? And if someone is not asking for pure devotional service at present, what should be his attitude while asking for material desires?
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Re: Why should we not ask for help from Krishna?

Postby anandcaitanyadasa » Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:43 pm

Please accept my humble obeisances.

You are correct in the sense that approaching Krishna even for materialistic desires is far better than not approaching Him. Scriptures are liberal sometimes stating that everyone, whatever they may be desiring, should exclusively worship Lord Krishna. Akaama sarvakaamo vaa mokshakaama udardhih | Teevrena bhaktiyogena vrajeta purusham param "Whether one desires nothing, whether one desires everything material or whether one desires liberation, one must worship the supreme Lord Krishna intensely."

Regarding your next question, Yes. There is an obvious gradation among people approaching Krishna with material desires. Better than not approaching Krishna is to approach Him with demanding mentality and better than approaching Him with demanding mentality is to approach Him with humble mood (for material benefits). However, we must know that pure devotional service is way higher than this.

Regarding our approach towards such worshiper of Krishna. Well, we must respect that person within our mind. Krishna iti yasya giri tam manasa adriyeta. adriyeta means "should be respected". Anyone who is chanting Krishna's names must be respected (at least in mind). In due course of time, he will be purified from material desires.

Finally, if one is not asking for pure devotional service and is only interested in material benefits, he should approach Krishna nevertheless with service attitude. He should keep rendering service to Krishna and His devotees even though he is impure in his motives. By Krishna's Grace, someday he will understand the ephemeral nature of the material belongings and will change his approach towards Krishna. Just as when one appreciates the real value of the jewel, he stops using it as a paperweight.
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