Secret of success.

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Secret of success.

Postby admin » Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:49 pm

Q. What is the secret of success ?

A. This is the way to advance in spiritual science. One must accept the words of an acharya, a bona fide spiritual master, to clear the path for spiritual advancement. This is the secret of success. However, one’s guide must be a spiritual master who is actually an unalloyed devotee strictly following the instructions of the previous acharya without deviation. Whatever the spiritual master says must be accepted by the disciple. Only then is success certain. This is Vedic system.
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Re: Secret of success.

Postby rajiv108 » Sat May 02, 2009 10:55 am

hare krishna
yes the way to success is to take the words of the spiritual master at heart and follow it.
but here in iskcon we usually get huge confusion about guru and disciples. we are likely to be more guru conscious than krishna conscious the shashtras says guru is the pathway and krishna bhakti is the destination and our action is devotional service!all these elements meet together then we can be successful!
when we analyze how many cases where the aspiring disciple remain uninitiated just because the president don't know him or not aware of his service! in this case from where will that devotee get the words of his guru.
am stressing here for guru because its only after initiation that a person get start to devotional life. yes we can take the words of Srila Prabhupada as He is Jagatgurum but we can't initiate from him therefore officially our devotional life is not started. then where is the question of getting success when there is no start?
another case is that a guru accept disciples upon the request of the president, and the president is aware of only devotees coming to temples and doing service there. but what about devotees who do sankirtan outside who do house programs who helps at there home to spread krishna consciousness ? these devotees are sometimes not able to attend temples regularly, still a good service of preaching is going on and on.
these devotees are not recognised by certain temple president in certain countries.

these are difficult situation where it remains unanswered.
there is no guru and no personal instructions.
only prabhupada
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