Rules for wearing Tulasi Mala

Rules for wearing Tulasi Mala

Postby diyaashish » Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:36 am

I am a neophyte in the Krishna Consciousness.Currently I am doing 3 rounds daily,and following all the 4 regulative principles.But I still eat food prepared with onion and garlic(which I am trying to minimize now) and still drink tea occassionally.
I want to know that can I wear Tulasi beads around my neck and applly Vaishnav Tilak daily in the morning? Are there any rules and regulations for wearing Tulasi beads around neck?
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Re: Rules for wearing Tulasi Mala

Postby kushagrasingh » Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:19 pm

hare krishna prabhu is very nice 2 hear dat ure starting in kc nd r very eager 2 learn nd follow ..carry on nd by the grace of guru nd gauranga u'll surely progress...prabhu for wearing tulasi mala u shud avoid food made from onion nd fact should not at all take in ur diet bcoz if ur takin onion nd garlic it means u cant even offer it 2 the supreme lord!! so stop doing dat as soon as possible nd i can assure u foodstuff prepared without onion nd garlic is much more tastier nd we can even offer it 2 shri krishna which jus enhances the taste :D
as for tea drinking u can try the herbal tea which is availible in some genmeral stores nd even in most of iskcon temples ...dat is devoid of caffenine nd even tastes better...
if u cud do the above things den i don think dere s a problem for u wearing a tulasi mala and vaishnava tilaka!
all the best
shri radhe!
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Re: Rules for wearing Tulasi Mala

Postby yeshudas » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:16 am

Hello diyaashish--
I offer you my peace-filled greeting.
I pray for you and your devotion to the Lord.

All glories to God
peace, yeshudas
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