Meaning of Mahamantra.

Meaning of Mahamantra.

Postby harihari » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:18 pm

Hare Krishna.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Hare Krishna mahamantra consits of three distinct syllables - Hare, Krishna and Rama - with meanings as O! energy of the Lord, the All Attractive and the Reservoir of All Pleasure. Please let me know which word or phrase means " Engage me in your service" or expresses this desire of a devotee while chanting the Mahamantra.

Please note that i am not trying to challenge the meaning of the Mantra as explicated by the Acharyas. This question is asked in anticipation of hearing some words that will strengthen my faith and would eventually help me to chant more effectively.
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Re: Meaning of Mahamantra.

Postby gopinath » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:30 pm

The Mahamantra has three beejas (or seeds) namely: Hara, Krishna and Rama
So the words Hare, Krishna and Rama of the Mahamantra are simply the vocative cases (in sanskrit) of the Names Hara, Krishna and Rama respectively. Vocative case implies that when we chant the Mahamantra, we are invoking or addressing the energy of the Lord and the Lord Himself. (Just as in English, we use "O John" to address a person named "John".)
When humbly addressed in this manner, the Mahamantra drives the attention of the Lord towards the chanter. ("Yes, what do you want?") And then He reciprocates according to one's intent while chanting. (Ye yatha mam prapadyante tans tathaiva bhajamy aham) So our Acharyas recommend that we should chant in the mood of a servant and request for service rather than chanting in the mood of demanding material benedictions. Service of the Lord is the ultimate perfection of a living being. So why to settle for anything less?
However, one is free to demand anything while chanting and will receive accordingly from the Lord. Thus the Mahamantra Itself does not include the phrase "Engage me in your service". But the Acharyas recommend that we should request for engagement in unalloyed service after we address the Lord by chanting His holy Names. (Of course, we need not vocalize this request while chanting. We can just chant in that mood.)

From another point of view, in day-to-day experience also, we find that the spoken words hint much more than the literal meaning of the spoken words. Different Acharyas give thousands of different meanings of the same Mahamantra. For example, the words "Hare Krishna" represent the love in union experienced by the Energy of the Lord (Hara) and the Lord (Krishna). While the words "Krishna Krishna" and "Hare Hare" indicate the love in separation experienced by the Divine Couple. So these are some more confidential meanings revealed. One can note that the direct counterparts of the phrases "love in separation" and "love in union" are not present in the Mahamantra. Still by intuition, one may perceive the revealed meaning. . Similarly, the phrase "Engage me in your service" is intuitively present in the Mahamantra, when one chants in the proper mood of a servant.
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