Sign on forehead and beads on neck mean.

Sign on forehead and beads on neck mean.

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Q. What do the [b]sign on your forehead and beads on your neck mean

A. This is a so-called tilak, made from a clay from sacred Indian rivers, Ganges and Yamuna. In India you see people with many kinds of these signs according to the specific tradition they are part of. According to the tilak can be distinguished also various Vaisnava sampradayas (philosophical schools). We, Gaudiya Vaisnavas from Brahma-sampradaya, wear tilak made of two thin lines which converge at the root of the nose and a spot in the form of an almond on the nose. Those who have Visnu tilak on their forehead are devotees of Lord Visnu or Krsna. Neckbeads (kanti-mala) mean that the person took a vow to follow orders of genuine spiritual master, who is a direct representative of Lord Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are made of wood of the sacred tulasi plant just as the rosary used for chanting the mantra (japa-mala).
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