Can Krsna consciousness be bevelop without external sign

Can Krsna consciousness be bevelop without external sign

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Q. Is it possible for a person living an ordinary everyday life to develop Krsna consciousness even without these external signs?

A. Saffron robes and shaven head with tilak are not the most important things, even though they create supportive mental disposition, just as well-dressed soldier has a good feeling that he is a real warrior. Does it mean that he cannot fight without the uniform? No. Also God consciousness knows no obstacles - it can be revived under any conditions - but certain conditions are beneficial in this regard. Therefore certain lifestyle, dress, diet and so on are prescribed. These things help in developing Krsna consciousness but they are not entirely necessary. Thus even person living an ordinary life can study and develop Krsna consciousness.

Devotee, Krsna conscious person, does not sit idle. He knows that philosophy of Krsna consciousness is so important that it should be spread. Therefore members of this Krsna consciousness movement appear in public and sing Hare Krsna mantra, preach and distribute this first-class literature about Krsna consciousness. This is the mission of Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In Krsna consciousness movement devotees serve without being paid, out of love for Krsna. They could work elsewhere and earn thousands a month, but his service is an expression of their love of God. Devotees serve in many ways - they garden, write, cook, clean etc. All their activities relate to Krsna and therefore they are Krsna conscious twenty four hours a day.
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