The Form of the Soul

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The Form of the Soul

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Question: The Form of the Soul

I attended your class in ISKCON's Pune, India temple recently along with my three non-devotee friends. Thank you very much for your wonderful class. My friends got answers to many of their questions. And now they have become little serious about Krishna consciousness.

I have a very technical question about the form of the soul. In one of Srila Prabhupada's writings I read that the soul has a form. He gives the analogy of clothes. Clothes themselves have no form but when a person wears them they get a form. Does this mean that the form of a soul is exactly same as our material form with five senses, mind, intelligence and ego?

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Answer: Soul Has a Human-like Form

Yes, in its original pure form each soul has a form possessing human-like features: two arms, two legs, one mouth, two ears, two eyes, etc. It is not that because we have such a form in the material existence, we conveniently imagine our spiritual form much be the same. No. We have learned from authoritative sources that our material form has these characteristics because it is modeled after our original spiritual form just as clothes take the shape of the form upon which they are worn.

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