God is Controlling Everything. So How Am I Responsible?

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God is Controlling Everything. So How Am I Responsible?

Postby backtohome » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:13 am

Question: God is Controlling Everything. So How Am I Responsible?

Respected Gurudeva,

My sincere obeisances to you and Lord Krishna.

I am confused a bit about my position vis-à-vis the Supreme Personality of Godhead, our own dear Lord Krishna. Since He is the Supreme Controller, how could anything be done by me? Why should not I consider that whatever is being done by me is because of His desire and direction? Under the circumstances where is the question of right or wrong being committed by me? How can a robot do anything on his own other than what has been ordered for him to do or programmed for him to do. I consider myself an instrument of Lord Sri Hari and He has many ways to keep me in or out of any deed good or bad. He has full control over me. This means what ever I am doing must be for a good purpose. Why then should I have to worry about karma or sinful reactions when everything is His doing? Please guide me.

Sincere regards,

Answer: But You Have A Choice How to Be Controlled

We are controlled by Krishna at every step, just like a citizen who is controlled by the laws of the state. That's a fact. But just as a citizen can choose to voluntarily abide by the laws of the state for the free citizens or to be forced to abide by the laws of the state for the inmates in the state penitentiary, we have a choice of whether we would like to serve the Lord voluntarily in the spiritual sky or be forced to obey the laws of the Lord's material nature here in the cycle of birth and death.

So, we are not robots. We are free thinking individuals who can choose which way we would like to obey the laws of the Supreme Person. And whichever way we choose, we will reap the result.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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