Why Worship God When We Should Be Serving Man?

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Why Worship God When We Should Be Serving Man?

Postby backtohome » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:14 pm

Question: Why Worship God When We Should Be Serving Man?

Respected Sir,

As I know and as the world accepts that service to man is service to God I am getting doubt and thoughts will come in my mind frequently that why we are doing the abhishekam (bathing of the temple deities) with the milk, rice, honey, yogurt, water, etc.? If the same items can be given to the poor who are waiting for food, this would be very good, according to my understanding. But in this world it is not happening, even in the temples. No temple priests will do that? Why?

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Answer: We Cannot Serve Man Unless We Serve God.

Just as we water a tree by watering its roots, the way to serve man is to serve God because He is the root of the entire creation. If we simply try to serve man without serving God, it is like trying to water a tree by watering only its leaves. It will not be successful. The tree will die. This why in spite of so many welfare programs all over the world to serve man, nobody is happy. We are neglecting service to God. Therefore in spite of all welfare people are miserable.

If we want to actually benefit the starving people of this world, we should distribute to them massive quantities of healthy, tasty, Krishna prasadam so that their material hunger will be relieved while they simultaneously experience the reawakening of love of God within their hearts. This is real welfare work for the poor people on this planet. Kindly understand that poverty means to not be absorbed in pure love of God. Therefore the entire world civilization is currently in a state of poverty, and oftentimes the richest people are the poorest of all because their wealth makes them blind to the existence of God.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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