How to control the * impulse?

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How to control the * impulse?

Postby Narayana » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:46 pm



One of the 4 regulative principles is to avoid illicit *. But the definition of illicit * is so strict, that it forbits * between husband and wife too, save for progeny. A person who has taken recently to Krishna consciousness will find this very difficult. Even if he follows the instructions, the spouse won't be ready to follow since she is not on the same platform. Why even beginners, even senior devotees(grhastas) can find this principle too stringent. For me, illicit * meant * outside of marriage and not inside.
I feel that my following the 4 regulative principles will never be complete because of this stringent definition of this regulative principle. Is there a chance of a concession here? If not, then how do I come to that stage where I can follow this principle strictly?
Sorry for this intimate question.
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