Can One Become Realized through Silent Meditation?

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Can One Become Realized through Silent Meditation?

Postby backtohome » Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:37 pm

Question: Can One Become Realized through Silent Meditation?

Dear Gurudeva,

What is the Sanskrit term for silent meditation on the mantra? Also, it is possible to become realized in this manner? I ask because I experience more bliss meditating in this manner as opposed to japa.

Is the bliss felt during meditation the same feeling as when others say one is "high on meditation"? Also, will the bliss eventually become more profound over time? (It feels like a swelling in my head of positive energy).

Yours in Krishna,

Answer: Chanting Breaks through Silence into Unlimited Bliss

The Sanskrit word for silence is mauna. But mauna is not applicable when chanting a mantra. Chanting means that the mantra must be audibly vibrated. According to the Brihad Naradiya Purana, in this age audible chanting is required for spiritual realization. The bliss of mauna or silent meditation is exceeded millions of times over by the bliss of pure chanting.

The bliss of silent meditation is in detaching oneself from the sufferings of material existence. But unless there is full time positive engagement on the spiritual platform one must sooner or later come out of that detached position to interact once again with the biting material energy. However, the bhakti yoga system, based on chanting the holy names of God, activates positive ananda, or spiritual bliss which is tasted and experience far, far beyond the bliss of detachment. The bliss of pure bhakti, the fruit of dedicated serious chanting, is so powerful that one can remain 24 hours in an ecstatic, detached, meditative state even while engaged in ordinary household and occupational duties. This is exemplified by Arjuna when he fought for 18 days on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in an uninterrupted trance of pure spiritual bliss. When you become fully Krishna conscious, i.e. truly and fully illuminated in perfect spiritual enlightenment, you will be situated billions of light years away from your material body while at the same time acting perfectly within it. This cannot be compared with a mere swelling of positive energy within the head because such a comparison does not even close to describing the bliss of pure devotional service. In short, chanting breaks through the limits of silent meditation and carries the chanter-meditator into the spiritual sky of unlimited bliss.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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