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If We're Not the Body, Why Does It Feel Pain?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:11 pm
by backtohome
Question: If We're Not the Body, Why Does It Feel Pain?

I was asked a question by a friend that if we are not the body and if we are within the body, then why is that we feel pain when we are pricked or pinched? In that case, we react as if we are the body. I was stuck and could not give the appropriate reply.

Please guide me.


Answer: Pain is an Indicator, Like a Gasoline Gauge

When I am driving a car and it runs very low on gasoline, the indicator on the dash board informs me of this so that I can find a gas station as soon as possible to fill up the gas tank. In the same way the body gives pain as a signal so that I can necessary steps to protect it from that which it is harmful to its well being. To be conscious of these indicators and to take appropriate steps does make me my body any more than responding to a low gasoline indicator makes me my car.

Of course, when my gasoline gauge tells me I am out of gas, if I think that I am out gas, I am in illusion because my car is out of gasoline, not me. And in a similar way when my hand gets cut, if I think that I am cut, I am also in illusion because my hand is cut. It is not that I am cut.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari