Can We Feel the Paramatma Within Our Heart?

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Can We Feel the Paramatma Within Our Heart?

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Question: Can We Feel the Paramatma Within Our Heart?

Dear Gurudeva,

Please accept my humble obeisances!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Does proper and pure chanting reveal the Supersoul within one's heart? Is the individual soul or the Supersoul revealed first? How to differentiate between these two in terms of one's experiences?

Is this treasure within the heart called transcendental? How long does it take to fully manifest it, and is there a limit to this devotional ecstasy?


Your servant
A. Sivakumar

Answer: When You Awaken Your Love for God

Yes, proper chanting does reveal the Supreme Lord, who is known as the Supersoul within one's heart. One realizes one's true nature as the individual soul and the Lord's nature as the Supersoul simultaneously proportionate to one's degree of purification of consciousness.

You, the individual soul, are the servant of God. And the Supersoul is Krishna or God. The only way to fully realize both the individual soul and the Supersoul is for you, the individual soul, to become fully absorbed in loving service to the Supersoul.

By practical observation you can perceive that you, the individual soul, have limited consciousness. You are only aware of the pains and pleasures of your body. The Supersoul however has unlimited consciousness and is thus fully aware of all the pains and pleasures experienced by all living beings throughout the entire universe.

The ultimate treasure is called Krishna prema, or pure love of God. There is no limit to the ecstasy which can be tasted by a pure lover of God. Just as it takes time, energy, and dedication under the guidance of expert professors to earn a PHD degree, it also takes time, energy, and dedication under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master to achieve the perfectional state of pure love of Godhead. We do sincerely hope that you will now take up achieving perfection on this bhakti pathway as your life's prime goal.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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