Marraige :An Obstacle for God Consciousness?

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Marraige :An Obstacle for God Consciousness?

Postby rksinha » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:43 pm

Dear Guruji,

I had very good upbringing in my childhood .My parents used to give religious books and stories to read . I really thank them from my heart.Also I have noticed that I have much more conscious about GOD then my peers who always talk about material things.Now I have to get married but I am not able to decide the importance of marriage in human life.How do a Grihast (as per the Bhagvadgita)will get involed in mating if he/she always thinks about GOD?Also I am not sure whether my partner would be Krishna Consciusness or not or Would I will be able to convince her?Though I am reading Bhagvadgita but I am not in position to renounce the world ,Also as mentioned in scripture it is also not mandatory for enlightment.I am not able to understand the LIFE of a Grihasta who is krishna consciousness?

Thanks & Regards

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Re: Marraige :An Obstacle for God Consciousness?

Postby Hari Das » Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:47 pm

Could you please rephrase your question/questions?
~Hari Das D. P. N.
Hari Das
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Re: Marraige :An Obstacle for God Consciousness?

Postby Mahesh Kumar Gandhi » Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:14 pm

Hare Krsna ! Why everyone is after marriage considering it an obstacle is beyond my understanding. Marriage is never an obstacle for a true to the core devotee. A true devotee adjusts according to spouse and slowly converts into a devotee. Giving birth to a new being is an activity Krsna desired. Suppose everybody turns out not to marry, then what will happen of the Srushti of Brahma created on the orders of Lord Krsna ? Yes it becomes an obtacle only if you are not a true to the core devotee, because then you will divert your mind to mating, because of the effect of Maya Devi. So it is you who is the culprit and not Marriage. You behave yourself properly and marriage will become an helping instrument for you. Saint Tukaram, Sant Kabir, Sant Narsi Mehta, Meera Bai, Jana Bai, Karma Bai, Sant Surdas, and so many saints were married, and so many Rishies were also married. In my view blaming marriage as an obtacle is a cowardice act, rather one should blame himself or herself for downfall after marriage.
Mahesh Kumar Gandhi
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Re: Marraige :An Obstacle for God Consciousness?

Postby rksinha » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:06 pm

I am in dilemma and I am not able to understand the importance of Marraige in Human Life.As mentioned in scriptures we are souls and not body.The only purpose of human life is to realize god and live for god on this planet.Now why do we souls need to get married if we love all souls ?But scriptures mention that one who does not renounce the world for realization and lives in material world should live as a Grihasta and a grihasta has to get married ?Why?
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Re: Marraige :An Obstacle for God Consciousness?

Postby Dasanudas » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:22 pm

Hare Krsna.

Please accept my humble obesiences. Dandavat pranams.

The sincere query which is raised by you is highly appreciated.

As in one of our acharya song 'Graha tako vane tako, Sada hari bole tako'. (Be one at home or be one at the forest, one must always be engaged in serving Krsna)

As you have correctly pointed out "Also as mentioned in scripture it is also not mandatory for enlightment.". Out of 12 Mahajans, 7 of them are Grihastas viz. Prahlad Maharaj, Janak Maharaj, Dhruv Maharaj, Yamaraj,etc. A Grihast lives at home. And he lives his life in such a way that he is always engaged in the service of the Lord. A Grihast has mating life which is based on religious principles, using our mating propensities in the service of Krsna.

As for a spouse, I feel it is best to get married to a devotee.
If that is not be possible, one may get married to a Godly or God loving lady, and by the mercy of Sri Guru & Gaurango, the Vaishnavs and ofcourse by our sincere and earnest efforts she too would become Krsna conscious soon.

About renouncing the world, one must very carefully scrutinize one's tendencies (i.e. which ashram to choose Grihasta ashram or Brahmachari ashram) and in consultation with senior devotees find answers to our queries and choose the path which will lead us to our goal of life i.e. to achieve Pure Devotional Service unto Krsna and Krsna prem.

Please forgive my offenses and kindly give me your blessings.

Hare Krsna. Dandavat pranams.
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