What Does God's Personality Mean?

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What Does God's Personality Mean?

Postby backtohome » Sun May 16, 2010 3:42 pm

Question: What Does God's Personality Mean?

I am reading the Gita and have a question regarding the difference between the "ego", as in the "false ego" in humans, versus "Personality", as in the Personality of Supreme Godhead.

In my understanding, what I would call my personality would be considered the false ego and only a material manifestation. That personality, or ego, is not my true self.

How is my personality, or ego, as a human being different from the personality that it is said God has? I thought God was unformed and unmanifested materially. But the Bhagavad-gita says He has a personality. What does that mean?



Answer: It Means He Wears a Peacock Feather in His Hair.

Ego means identity. False ego means a false sense of identity as when one considers the body to be the self. Personality also means identity. Just like you are a person and you therefore have a sense of identity, a perception of your existence as an individual. If you consider your body to be your self, this is false ego. But if you understand yourself as an eternal spirit-soul, this is real ego. The difference between your personality and God's personality is that you are conscious of the pains and pleasures within your body, while God is conscious of the pains and pleasures experienced in the bodies of all living beings throughout the totality of existence.

While it is true that God is materially unmanifested and without material form, this does not mean that God is unmanifested and without form. This means that God eternally manifests a form that is purely spiritual.

We sometimes think that because our present material form is not our actual self that therefore God must be without form. But this means that we do not understand what is our actual identity as eternal spiritual personalities with spiritual forms, nor do we understand what is God's actual identity as the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead with an eternal spiritual form.

God's having a personality means that He also experiences a sense of identity or individuality. Just as we, as individuals, have individual preferences and dislikes, God has individual preferences and dislikes. For example, just as each individual person has his own particular taste in how he dresses, God also has His own particular taste in this regard. This why we always see that Krishna or God is always wearing a peacock feather in His hair. God expresses His personality by wearing a peacock feather in His hair.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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