Chanting "Chocolate Cookies" and "Krishna"

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Chanting "Chocolate Cookies" and "Krishna"

Postby backtohome » Sun May 23, 2010 3:31 pm

Question: Chanting "Chocolate Cookies" and "Krishna"

If I chant "chocolate cookies, chocolate cookies", will I get chocolate cookies? Similarly if I chant "Hare Krishna", how will I get Krishna? If I want chocolate cookies I will have to work, make some money, and buy chocolate cookies. Similarly what should I do to attain Lord Krishna?


Answer: You'll Get Krishna. You Won't Miss the Cookies

Because the name "chocolate cookies" and chocolate cookies are different, you do not get chocolate cookies when you chant
"chocolate cookies". You only get the name "chocolate cookies." So you are right. Even though you may on chanting, "chocolate cookies, chocolate cookies, cookies cookies, chocolate chocolate" for millions of years, by such chanting you will not get even one chocolate cookie.

But when you chant Krishna's name the experience is different
because Krishna and His name are one and the same. This means that when you chant the name "Krishna" you are directly experiencing Krishna. This is realized proportionately according to the degree of how much you have developed your love for Krishna. So if you will sincerely chant Krishna's name with love, gradually you will attain perfect Krishna consciousness and meet Krishna face to face.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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