Can God Create an Eternal Being?

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Can God Create an Eternal Being?

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Question: Can God Create an Eternal Being?

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Lord says He is existing from infinite times and also the other living beings are existing from infinite times. If so, what is the greatness of God-almighty? If both God and the living beings are existing from infinite times, the living beings are not dependent on God-almighty for their existence. Is this understanding in accordance with or against the Vedic conclusion?

But as per Jagadguru Madhvacharya of Udupi, the living beings are just reflections of God-almighty, i.e. without the original source, the reflections cannot exist by themselves. He also claims that God-almighty was in yoga nidra (transcendental sleep) before this life's creation and He just had His will to do and so it was done. If so, don't the teachings of Madhvacharya come into direct conflict with the concept of the non-creation of living-souls, and their eternal existence not depending on God-almighty to sustain them?

Is there any aspect of the Lord in His whole infinite number of aspects or attributes in this cosmic reality, where nothing exists (i.e. absolutely nothing: no God, no soul, no time, no space, no energy, no matter), where nothing, nothing, nothing exists? Because if this aspect is one of God's aspects probably the question of non-existence of living-souls and their dependence on God-almighty to come in to existence can be defined. As He doesn't exist in this aspect, of course the time will not exist and relatively the question of infinite existence of living soul does not arise at all.


Answer: He Eternally Does So

Even though Krishna and the living entities are both existing eternally, they are not the same. Krishna is the emanator and we are the emanated, something like the sun and the sunshine. In this way, we are eternally dependent upon Krishna for our existence. He is our creator. That is a fact. But His creating us is an eternal reality because He is eternally manifesting us from Himself.

The God who is in yoga-nidra or mystic slumber is an expanded form of Sri Krishna known as Maha-Vishnu. He is responsible for the material existence, and through His exhalations and inhalations He brings the material existence alternatively between a manifested state and an unmanifested state. He is not the original source of existence. He is an assistant of Sri Krishna for bringing about the manifestation and non-manifestation of the material existence. The living entities are spiritual in nature and are eternally existing in spite of the constant manifestation and non-manifestation of the material existence.

Non-existence does not exist. If it did, it would contradict itself. We do not need to bring in the concept of non-existence because God can be our creator while at the same time we are existing eternally along with Him. In short, He is eternally creating or emanating us by His desire that we should exist.
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