Krishna Consciousness and Other Religions

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Krishna Consciousness and Other Religions

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Question: Krishna Consciousness and Other Religions

I was corresponding with a member who surprisingly mentioned that he did not know much about anything regarding Christianity. Do you acknowledge other faiths and their methods of praise and worship?

Also, Krishna wanted Arjuna to engage in fighting although Arjuna in his compassion did not want to at first. Is there anything that the society should take up arms over? How do you perceive a people who are willing to kill anyone in the name of God, including women, children and even people within their house of prayer?


Answer: Religion is One

Faith is one, to become a lover of God. Whether we address Him as Krishna, Allah, or Jehovah, faith in the Supreme Person is one.

Military action is never meant for aggression. To use it aggressively is most heinous and sinful. But because most men are impious, military aggression is a common occurrence in today's world. Therefore it is required for the government to maintain a competent military force to protect the nation against the unlawful aggression of others. In such situations violence can be utilized to protect the nation from attack.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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