Personal: His Height

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Personal: His Height

Postby sdgonline » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:57 am

In height he was maybe 5'5". A nondevotee would say, "a small man." Most of his disciples stood taller than he. But we didn't think like that, that he was a little man. If we saw reporters describe him as a little man, it didn't make sense. That was obviously the defective vision of the nondevotee. (His servant once said, "For someone who is supposed to be small, it takes all your energy to cover his back to massage it. I can't understand it!) His shoe size was 8, his sweater size around 36". The palms of his hands were soft and boldly lined, with long, firm life lines.

There was something protective that came out of his disciples in the fact that Prabhupada's height was shorter. We wanted to be sure to protect him because he was so great, so valuable, our spiritual master. In the company of karmis or in the company of devotees, he was regal as he walked with his cane, not at all like a "small" or "old" man. Any person, regardless of his physical stature, would approach Prabhupada respectfully, deferring to him. Prabhupada was elderly and a gentleman and was almost always treated in that way, very respectfully. Because when he spoke he was very refined and proper, he himself proclaimed his spiritual mission by his every action, and people could see that for themselves.

Usually accompanying him were his Western disciples, who were very worshipful of Prabhupada; that was also impressive. He was not alone, but with his servants; if he looked small, still he controlled others who were tall; therefore he was taller than they. He had strength; he would say his mind was strong. His face was not small, nor was his aristocratic nose and full mouth; his eyes were large. Again, these contradicted the "small man" idea. He was saint, sadhu, not small. He didn't sit small. His voice was deep, could be gruff, loud, commanding-not small. His control of big men like Brahmananda, Jayapataka, Bhavananda was complete. His word, the raising of his eyebrows, or the turn of his mouth could humiliate them utterly or drive them running into action. And he wrote so many books. He was not small. But if he chose, he could be like a child and you had to care for him completely; that was his love.

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Re: Personal: His Height

Postby npawar » Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:46 am

please give us more & more information like this so we can serve srilla prabhpada movement & his followers with full surrender in better way eternally.
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