how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

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how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby npawar » Wed May 27, 2009 5:31 pm

i have already made my mind to serve baby krishna and it is said that goal should be fixed i always give higher priority to krishna, i feel that i offend gaurkishor b'coz i focus krisna as supreme only in all incarnations.
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे || हरे रामा हरे रामा रामा रामा हरे हरे||
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby anandcaitanyadasa » Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:06 pm

how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna
i have already made my mind to serve baby krishna and it is said that goal should be fixed i always give higher priority to krishna, i feel that i offend gaurkishor b'coz i focus krisna as supreme only in all incarnations.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Actually speaking, we are not qualified to serve Krishna in any form. Srila Prabhupad writes in his poetry, "krsna taba punya habe bhai
e-punya koribe jabe radharani khusi habe
dhruva ati boli toma tai"
The Supreme Lord Krsna will bestow virtue upon you -- but He will do this
only when Srimati Radharani first becomes pleased with you. This I surely declare to you.

So only by Radharani's mercy one becomes qualified to serve Lord Krishna. This is substantiated by the fact that we chant Radharani's name (Hare or the supreme energy of the Lord) before we chant Krishna's name in the Hare-Krishna mahamantra. We have to seek Radha's mercy before we approach Krishna.

Gaurkishor or Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna in the mood of Shrimati Radharani.
("Shri Krishna chaitanya | Radha Krishna nahi anya")
Because of His causeless mercy we can approach Krishna. We are not at all qualified to separately approach Lord Krishna. Krishna will not accept such service.

Gaurkishor (or Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) is Radha and Krishna combined. We can not jump over Gaurkishor to serve Krishna, because Gaurkishor only makes our qualification to serve Krishna. And what to talk about Krishna, we can not even approach Gaurkishor without serving a bona fide spiritual master in the parampara. So serving Krishna in any form inherently involves serving Gaurkishor and serving our spiritual master.

To summarize, service to Krishna and service to Gaurkishor do not contradict each other, rather both are inseparable.

I hope this clarifies the things.
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby shristi » Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:47 am

hare krsna! please forgive me for my ignorance. "we are not qualified to serve Krishna in any form "what does this mean ???isnt love for krsna the foremost qualification? why are ther so many donts in this sampradaya? why is that krishna wont accept our service directly? he is the only one whom we have a relationship with isn't it? he is our real husband our real soulmate isn't it? i accept that we are in a very impure state but we have surrendered to him and we are trying our best. regarding the question, i worship radha rani praying to her that few drops of her devotion fall on me. and increase my love for krsna and i worship chaitanya mahaprabhu because he is oue guru. but i am in love with krsna not "the supreme personality of godhead" but my beloved krsna. . how can there be no relationship between us? and one perfect love for krsna is "meera bai" . i am not comparing myself to her. i am not even dust of her lotus feeti am sorry if my ignorant words have offended you .but the answer you posted really disturbed me. please clear out my doubts prabhujee.
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby anandcaitanyadasa » Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:45 pm

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Kindly forgive me if the answer to the previous question was disturbing. I would like to clarify things, so that the answer is understood in proper light.

Kindly consider following points.

1) When we love someone we want to serve that person in a way that the person enjoys our service, and not according to our own whim which may not be so palatable for that beloved person. Krishna is also a person. He has His likes and dislikes. It will be nice if we hear from the scriptures about His likes and dislikes so that we will be in better position to serve Him, the way He wants us to Him. (anukulyena Krishnanusheelanam Bhaktiruttama)

2) Krishna Himself says, "Those who claim to be my direct servants are not actually my servants. Those who are the servants of my servant are actually my servants." This is the way by which Krishna is most pleased. Since you are 'in love' with Krishna, this is what you should aspire to be. A humble servant of a servant. Then Krishna is very pleased.And this is what our Sampradaya also teaches. To become Gopi bhartuh padakamalayoh das dasanudas

3) I replied the in last post that "we are not qualified to serve Krishna in any form". What I meant by this is that our Guru makes our qualification to serve Krishna. A bona fide Guru teaches his disciples how to serve Krishna in most proper way. And Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is our original Guru. Therefore it is advised that everyone who aspires to serve Krishna should take shelter of Him. So we learn to serve Krishna under the guidance of Guru and Mahaprabhu. Just like if you want to become a doctor, you can not read books on medicines at home and start your own practice as a doctor. The books you are referring may be authentic and you may be very much in love with doctor's profession. But still you have to approach a proper medical school. Learn from the professors how to operate. Then you will get a tangible degree and a qualification to practice. That means a qualification is required even to become a mundane doctor. So what to talk about becoming a devotee of Krishna? So everything has a process. One can not avoid the process.

4) Of course we have a direct relationship with Krishna. And of course He is our real husband and soul mate. But that forgotten relationship is revived only under the direction of Guru and Gauranga. Consider Krishna's personal opinion, "tadviddhi pranipatena pariprashnena sevaya, upadekshyanti te gyanam gyaninas tattvadarshinah" Krishna is saying, "To gain knowledge about devotional service, you must approach and serve a bona fide spiritual master. He will guide you since he has realized the truth". Is it not wise to respect Krishna's own opinion?

5) Lord Jesus says. : Spiritual master is not IN the way between you and the God. In fact, the spiritual master IS the way. Spiritual master is a channel through which Krishna accepts our service. Of course, our object of love is Krishna. But Krishna is not without His devotees and His devotees are not without Him. Krishna is more pleased if you serve His devotees, especially the spiritual master, Guru and Gauranga. This way Krishna will relish your love better. "Yasya prasadadbhagavatprasado" So our love for Krishna should manifest through service of Guru and Gauranga.

6) We should be thankful that our sampradaya has so many don'ts. There is danger in every step if we try to serve Krishna directly with our present conditioning (which you already have admitted, right?). The rules and regulations of our sampradaya are actually protecting us from becoming a prakrit sahajiya (mundane materialistic mock devotee) Without regards to Guru and Shastra, our devotion to Krishna simply becomes disturbance in society. (Aikantiki harerbhakti utpat eva kevalam) utpat means disturbance. We want to be a devotee, not a disturbance in society. Right?

7) Rather than imitating Gopi's love for Krishna, we should better serve Him as a humble servant of His servant at this stage. Even Mahaprabhu in the mood of Radha (who is the emblem of pure love) is calling Himself servant of the servant. Then what is our position? When we will perfect our lives by serving as a servant of a servant of Krishna, we will naturally revive our original position having direct relationship Krishna. This will follow as a natural sequence, starting from shraddha and leading to prema. We have to be patient.

I hope this clarifies all the doubts. Let me know if there is any clarification required. Once again forgive me if I have committed any offense.
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby Nitaai Gaura » Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:51 pm

Dear Prabhu,

Hare Krishna. Without Approaching Lord Gauraanga there is no chance of obtaining Krishna Prema.

Here are some quotes that should help you to understand the important of worshiping Gaura Nitaai before approaching Lord Krishna.

(Shrila Prabhupada in Cc Adi 8.31 purp) "A neophyte student who is not sufficiently educated or enlightened should not indulge in the worship of Shri Radha and Krishna or the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. Even if he does so, he cannot get the desired result. One should therefore chant the names of Nitai-Gaura and worship Them without false prestige. In the beginning one should very regularly chant Shri Gaurasundara’s holy name and then chant the holy name of Lord Nityananda. Thus one's heart will be cleansed of impure desires for material enjoyment. Then one can approach Vrindavana-dhama to worship Lord Krishna."

Cc Adi 8.24 purport

"It is very beneficial to chant the names shri-krishna-chaitanya prabhu-nityananda before chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra because by chanting ##### these two holy names #####-shri-krishna-chaitanya prabhu-nityananda-one immediately becomes ecstatic, and if he then chants the Hare Krishna maha-mantra he becomes free of offenses."

Cc Adi-lila 8.31 purport

"It should be noted in this connection that the holy names of Lord Krishna and Gaurasundara are both identical with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore one should not consider one name to be more potent than the other. Considering the position of the people of this age, however, the *** chanting *** of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's name is *** more essential *** than the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra because Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the most magnanimous incarnation and His mercy is very easily achieved."

Cc Antya-lila 2.31 purport:

"Worshipers of Shri Gaurasundara accept the four syllables gau-ra-an-ga as the Gaura mantra, but pure worshipers of Radha and Krishna accept the four syllables ra-dha krs-na as the Gaura-gopala mantra. However, Vaishnavas consider Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu nondifferent from Radha-Krishna (shri-krishna-chaitanya radha-krishna nahe anya). Therefore one who chants the mantra "gauranga" and one who chants the names of Radha and Krishna are on the same level."
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby radhav » Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:22 am

>Without Approaching Lord Gauraanga there is no chance of obtaining Krishna Prema.

Does this mean that devotees from other sampradaya can never truly serve Lord Krishna ?
Does this include Acharyas like Madvacharya and other acharyas who followed him ?

Even Vyasadeve, Sukadev Goswami, Sutha Goswami's and the Gopies were ahead in time of Lord Gauranga ...

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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby Nitaai Gaura » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:18 am

All the great acharyas in our sampradaya like Lord Brahma, Shrila Narada Muni worship Lord Gauraanga.

Shrila Narada Muni instructs King Suvarna Sena:

gauranga-nama na laiya, yei krishna bhaje giya; sei krishna bahu kale paya.
gauranga-nama laya jei, sadya krishna paya sei; aparadha nahi rahe taya.

"If someone endeavours to worship Krishna without regularly chanting the name of Lord Gauranga, then he or she will achieve Krishna only after a very prolonged period of time. But if someone takes shelter of the names of Lord Gauranga, he or she will achieve Krishna very soon because his offenses will immediately cease to exist."

Lord Shiva who belongs to another sampradaya is also a great devotee of Lord Gauraanga.

In Shri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Chp 8, Lord Nityananda Prabhu tells Shrila Jiva Goswami:

(A) gauri saha siva gauranga-nama; gaiya gaiya puraya kama.

"In Navadvipa, Lord Siva constantly is singing the name of Gauranga alongwith his wife Gauri and thus fulfilling his innermost desires."

(B) gauranga bhajana sarala ati; sahaja tahara phala-vitati.

"Lord Gauranga's worship by the chanting of His name is very easy and simple to do. And Lord Gauranga very easily and immediately rewards the worshipper with the desired results or fruits of his or her worship."

(C) gauranga baliya krandana kare; gauranga darsana paya satvare.

"One who chants the name 'Gauranga' and cries in ecstasy will receive the audience of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga very quickly."

Shri Ananta-samhita, Shri Chaitanya-janma-khanda, Part Two, Chapter Three, Text 54, Lord Siva tells Parvati:

dharayamy urdhva-vadane, devesi samhitam imam;
mantram ca gauracandrasya, namedam sarva-mangalam.

"O Parvati, the controller of all the demigods, I always recite with great enthusiasm this Ananta-samhita alongwith Lord Gauranga's mantra which is most auspicious in this world."
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby Nitaai Gaura » Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:34 pm


Gaura Parshada Vara Shrila Jagadananda Pandita describes in Prema Vivarta:

“One day, while I was totally absorbed in playing, My Lord Gauranga entered the deep forest in the bank of the river Alakananda Ganga. Shrila Gadadhara Pandita and I quickly got up and followed behind Him. A splendid parrot perched on a fragrant Bakula tree observed our movements. The parrot was none other than Shrila Shukadeva Goswami, the son of Shrila Vyasadeva who also intensely desires to reside in Navadvipa.

Lord Gauranga saw the parrot, catching hold of him He said, “You are Vyasadeva’s son, so you should sing the glories of Shri Shri Radha Krishna and increase our bliss.” The parrot ignoring the Lord’s words began to chant—Gaurahari! Gauranga! The Lord feigning anger hurled the parrot away.

But the parrot continued to chant Gauranga Gauranga..! and then started to dance and sing. We immediately felt the stirrings of divine love by hearing Shuka’s chanting of Gauranga’s Name. Lord Gaurang aagain said, “O Shuka, this is Vrindavana! Chant and sing loudly the Divine Names of Radha-Krishna so that everyone can hear.”

The parrot Shuka rejoindered: “Vrindavana has now transformed into Navadvipa and I see Radha-Krishna in the form of Gauranga.

ami shuka ei vane gauranga-nama gai
tumi mora krishna radha ei gadai

Shri Shukadeva Goswami in the form of the parrot told Lord Gauranga, “I am Shukadeva and I will only chant and sing Your Name in the forest of Navadvipa. Because You are Krishna Himself and this Gadadhara who is with You is Shrimati Radharani Herself.”

“Since Gadai-Gauranga are my the masters of my soul that is why I will not be able to chant any other Name.” Lord Gauranga (even though He was internally very pleased but since He was taking the role of a devotee in this parakata Lila) said, “I am the worshiper of Radha-Krishna so by hearing any other Name I feel lamentation.” In this way while holding Gadadhara by the hand Lord Gauranga returned back to Mayapura.

Shrila Shukadeva Goswami kept on saying to the Lord and shouting, “You can chant and sing whatever You like but my ETERNAL BHAJAN will be the constant chanting of Your name of Gauranga. I do not know anything else”
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby radhav » Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:08 pm

Hare Krishna

Thanks for the detailed quotes. Most of them are from Gaudiya Visnava authors...

I think there are 3 things here
1) Easy way to get to know krishna
2) Hard way to get to know Krishna
3) (your statement) "No chance to get to know krishna without going through Gauranga"

By taking #3 we start sounding like "my way or no way" - exactly like other religious fanatics.

Srila Prabhupada in number of his purports says that other vaisnava sampradayas are all authentic - does by saying that "my way or no way" not make his statements incorrect ?

your servant in training,
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby Nitaai Gaura » Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:49 pm

Dear RadhaKrishnan Prabhu,

Hare Krishna. Please forgive me for any offenses. I am not saying my way or no way. Actually npawar says that he wants to worship Lord Krishna rejecting Lord Gauraanga. As we are followers of Lord Gauraanga who completely dependent on His mercy, my point is that if we reject Him then certainly we will not get Krishna Prema. Shrila Bhaktivinod Thakur in Jaiva Dharma says that anyone who thinks Lord Krishna and Lord Gauranga are different is a servant of Kali-yuga.
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby radhav » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:47 am

Hare Krishna.

Please forgive me for any offenses too as I am not even qualified to say I am neophyte.

I grew up in South India where Lord Gauranga was not known at all and on top I was totally ignorant with zero devotee exposure and when I got exposure, did not make use of it. So it takes time for this matter to sink in that is all.

I have read that Lord Krishna only appears once in a day of Bramha. And I have from a devotee only in those kaliyuga, Lord Chaintanya appears.

So we are lucky to have born around those times - Since this is so rare, by saying "only through Gauranga" means only a few lucky souls born around this time of Bramha's day can go back... this is what I was struggling with. Hopefully Lord Krishna's mercy, I will be able latch on to this concept soon.

I am sure you have seen these -Here are some interesting verses that might be of interest to you on Krishna/Vishnu topic

Bonus verse - on a different controvertial topic (read the purport too)

your servant in training,
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Re: how we can worship lord GaurKishor if we worship krishna

Postby Nitaai Gaura » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:10 am

Dear Radha Krishnanan Prabhu,

Hare Krishna. Thank you for the wonderful verses. Here are some interesting quotes about the advent of Lord Gauranga and Lord Nityananda.

Advent of Lord Gauranga

atharva-vede (Third Kanda, Brahma-vibhaga)

ito 'ham krita-sannyaso 'vatarishyami sa-guno nirvedo nishkamo bhu-girbanas tira-stho 'lakanandayah kalau catuh-sahasrabdhopari panca-sahasrabhyantare gaura-varno dirghangah sarva-lakshana-yukta isvara-prarthito nija-rasasvado bhakta-rupo misrakhyo vidita-yogah syam.

In the Atharva Veda, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself says:

"Towards the end of the period between four-thousand to five-thousand years in Kali-yuga, I will descend on the earth as Gauranga, a golden-complexioned saintly brahmana in a place by the Ganges' shore and later become the crest-jewel of all sannyasis, exhibiting all My transcendental qualities including supreme renunciation and complete detachment from material desires. In the form of Lord Gauranga, I will display all the thirty-two bodily symptoms of a great personality with my arms extending to my knees. I will become my own devotee, very advanced in bhakti-yoga and teach the worship of Lord Krishna (Myself) by the chanting of My own holy names and relishing the mellows of My own devotional service. At that time only My most confidential devotees will be able to understand Me."


bhakti-priyo bhakti-data, damodara ibhas-patih;
indra-darpa-haro 'nanto, nityananda-cid-atmakah.

In the Narada-pancaratra, Bala-Krishna-sahasra-nama-stotra, it is said:

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead is known by the names Nityananda, Bhakti-priya, Bhakti-data, Damodara, Ibhas-pati, Indra-darpa-hara, Ananta, Cid-atmaka,. ."


satye daitya-kuladhi-nasa-samaye simhordhva-martyakritis
tretayam dasa-kandharam paribhavan rameti namakritih
gopalan paripalayan vraja-pure bharam haran dvapare
gaurangah priya-kirtanah kali-yuge chaitanya-nama prabhuh

In the Nrisimha Purana it is said:

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared in Satya-yuga as Lord Nrisimhadeva in the form of half-man and half-lion to destroy Hiranyakasipu, the king of the demons, and who appeared in Treta-yuga as Lord Ramacandra to kill the great ten-headed demon Ravana, and who appeared in the Dvapara-yuga for protecting and maintaining the cowherd men and women of Vrindavana and removing the burden of the earth, will appear again in the Kali-yuga in a golden form. He will fully relish the chanting of His own holy names and His name will be Lord Gauranga."

kaleh prathama-sandhyayam, gaurango 'ham mahi-tale;
bhagirathi-tate ramye, bhavishyami saci-sutah.

In the Padma Purana, the Supreme Lord affirms:

"In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, I will appear as Gauranga on the earth in a beautiful place by the shore of the Ganges. I will become the son of Sacidevi and My complexion will be golden."


prasantatma lamba-kanthas, gaurangas ca suravritah

In the Agni Purana it is said:

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga will appear in a golden form with a graceful long neck and a peaceful heart, surrounded by His saintly devotees."


golokam ca parityajya, lokanam trana-karanat;
kalau gauranga-rupena, lila-lavanya-vigrahah.

In the Markandeya Purana, the Supreme Lord declares:

"In the Kali-yuga I will give up My own eternal abode Goloka Vrindavana, and I will assume the form of the most handsome and playful Lord Gauranga to rescue all the living entities in the universe."

Krishna Yamala

gaurango nada-gambhirah, sva-namamrita-lalasah;
dayaluh kirtana-grahi, bhavishyati saci-sutah.

"His limbs will be golden and His voice deep. He will increasingly hanker to taste the nectar of His own holy names and will be completely enchanted by it . He will be the most merciful son of Shrimati Sacidevi and His Name will be Gauranga."

Brahma Yamala

gaurangam gaura-diptangam, pathet stotram kritanjalih;
nanda-gopa-sutam caiva, namasyami gadagrajam.

In the Brahma-yamala it is also said:

"With great devotion and folded hands, one should recite the following prayer before Lord Gauranga, whose limbs are as effulgent as molten gold: 'I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Gauranga-Krishna, the the son of the Nanda Maharaja and the elder brother of Gada.'"


kaleh prathama-sandhyayam, gaurango 'ham mahi-tale;
bhagirathi-tate bhumni, bhavishyami sanatanah.

In the Brahma Purana, the Supreme Lord Himself dnlares:

"In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, I will appear as Gauranga on the earth in a beautiful place by the shore of the Ganges (*Navadvipa). I will descend in My original eternal form and My complexion will be golden."


kaleh prathama-sandhyayam, gaurango 'sau mahi-tale;
bhagirathi-tate ramye, bhavishyati sanatanah.

In the Yoga-vasishtha it is said:

"In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Gauranga will appear on this earth on the beautiful banks of the Ganges (Navadvipa), in His eternal golden form."

In the Irdhvamnaya-tantra, Lord Siva declares to Parvati:

navadvipa-samam sthanam, shri-gauranga-samah prabhuh;
krishna-prema-sama praptir, nasti durge kadacana.

"O Durga, no place in the creation is equal to Navadvipa, no master is as merciful as Lord Shri Gauranga, and no attainment in the whole world is equal to pure love for Krishna."

In Shri Ananta-samhita, Part Two, Chapter Two entitled Shri Chaitanya-janma-khanda, Lord Siva describes to Parvati:

shri-mahadeva uvaca

gaurangam sac-cid-anandam, sarva-karana-karanam;
vaca gadgadayanantam, tushtava dharani-dharah

"Lord Anantadeva, the upholder of the whole universe then which a chocked voice full of ecstasy tried to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Cause of all Causes who possesses a transcendental eternal form of truth, knowldge and bliss."

krishnas chaitanya-gaurango, gauracandrah saci-sutah;
prabhur gauro gaura-harir, namani bhakti-dani me.

The Lord said:"When I will appear in Kali Yuga, My transcendental names will be: Gauranga, Krishna Chaitanya, Gaurachandra, Shachisuta, Mahaprabhu, Gaura, Gaurahari. etc. Chanting These supreme Names will bring devotion to Me."

vrindavane navadvipe, bheda-buddhis ca yo narah;
tam eva radhika-krishne, shri-gaurange paratmani.

mac-chala-pata-nirbhinna-dehah so 'pi naradhamah;
pacyate narake ghore, yavad ahuta-samplavam.

Lord Shiva said: "With my trident I will cut into pieces anyone who thinks that Vrindavana and Navadvipa are different, or that Radha-Krishna and Gauranga are different, or that Lord Gauranga is not the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such a person is most degraded among human beings. He or she will burn in a terrible hell until the time when the universe is flooded with water."

ya eva bhagavan krishno, radhika-prana-vallabhah;
shrishtyadau sa jagannatho, gaura asin mahesvari.

"O Maheshwari Parvati, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna who is most dear to His Supreme consort Shrimati Radharani and who is known as Lord Jagannatha from the beginning of creation has Himself fully and personally advented in this Kali Yuga as Lord Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu."

vistaran me nigaditah, sruto yah krishna isvarah;
visvadau gaura-kantitvat, gaurangam vaishnavah viduh.

"Please hear attentively, I will describe in detail this most confidential secret. The Supreme Ishvara or Controller Lord Krishna who is the origin of everything is known and worshiped by the learned Vaishnava devotees as Lord Gauranga, when He accepts the golden complexion of Shrimati Radhika."

paratmane namas tasmai, sarva-karana-hetave;
adi-devaya gauraya, sac-cid-ananda-rupine.

"I offer my prostrated obeisances to Adideva, the Supreme Lord Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu who is the ultimate and original cause of all causes, the Paratma or Supersoul of all living entities and who possesses a transcendental eternal form of truth, knowldge and bliss."

koti-kalpar jitaih punyair, vaishnavah syan maha-mate;
tatah syad radhika-krishna-lilasu rucir uttama.

"Those Vaishnava devotees who are Mahamati or very very advanced and who have accumulated spiritual piety for a minimum of 10 millions kalpas (1 kalpa = 8,640,000,000 years) will develop a superior taste for the transcendental pastimes of Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha Krishna."

syad yasya radhika-krishna-lilayam parama matih;
jivan-muktah sa vijneyah, pujyah syad daivatair api.

"In this way those exalted devotees who have developed unflinching attachment (parama matih) for the transcendental pastimes of Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha Krishna are worshipable even by the greatest demigods and are known as jivanamukta or fully liberated souls."

vina shri-gopika-sangam, kalpa-koti-satam param;
sravanat kirtanad vishnor, na radha-krishnam apnuyat.

Now the method to achieve Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha Krishna is described by Lord Shiva, "If someone does not serve and associate with the Gopies of Vrindavana, they will not achieve Radha-Krishna even if simply hear and chant about Lord Vishnu for a minimum of 1 billion kalpas (1 kalpa = 8,640,000,000 years)."

gopi-sangam na capnoti, shri-gaura-caranad rite;
tasmat tvam sarva-bhavena, shri-gauram bhaja sarvada.

"And to achieve the service and association of the Gopies of Vrindavana the only way is to worship the lotus of Lord Gauranga and chant His Name. Therefore Parvati, you should worship Lord Gauranga and chant His Name constantly and with sarva-bhava means by full surrender and giving everything to Him."

sadhanena vina radham, krishnam prapsyanti niscitam.

"The person who is like a transcendental honeybee relishing the supreme ambrosial nectar (makaranda) emanating from the divine lotus feet of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu will most certainly without a doubt attain Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha Krishna even without performing any sadhana-bhakti practice of bhakti-yoga.

radhika-vallabhah krishno, bhaktanam priya-kamyaya;
shrimad-gauranga-rupena, navadvipe virajate.

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna who is most dear to His Supreme consort Shrimati Radharani is situated in Navadvipa in His transcendental combined form of Shrimad Gauranga to fulfil the innermost desires of His most intimate devotees."

Advent of Lord Nityananda

The glories of Lord Nityananda as the incarnation of Lord Balarama, the origin of both the spiritual and material world, are given in the revealed Vedic scriptures as follows:

Vayu Purana

(1) balaramo mamaivamsah, so 'pi mat-prstham esyati;
nityananda iti khyato nyasi-cudamanih ksitau

In the Vayu Purana, the Lord tells Brahma: "Lord Balarama, who is My first expansion and non-different from Me will also appear by My side as Lord Shri Nityananda. He will become the crest jewel of all renunciants on the earth."

(2) krtvavadhuta-vesam sa, dharman bhagavatan bahun;
grahayitva janan ittham grhinam asramam tatah.

"Assuming the dress of an avadhuta, He will freely distribute bhagavata dharma i.e. love of God. He will distribute this pure love through various means and deliver all the living entities. He will do so first as a brahmacari and later as a householder."

(3) jahnavy-adibhir atmanam, darsayisyati manavan.

"Accompanied by His eternal consort Shrimati Jahnavi-devi and many other intimate associates, He (Nityananda) will reveal His transcendental pastimes to the people."

Ananta-Samhita of Atharva Veda

nityanando maha-kayo, bhutva mat-kirtane ratah;
vimudhan bhakti-rahitan, mama bhaktan karisyasi.

In the Ananta-Samhita, the Lord states to Anantadeva: "When I appear in Navadvipa in Kali-yuga, You will become Nityananda. You will have a very tall, beautiful and large body, and You will be constantly absorbed in chanting My name and glories. In this way, by Your causeless mercy You will convert many bewildered fools who are devoid of devotion into My pure unalloyed devotees."

Shri Chaitanya-Charitamrita, Adi 1.7-11

sankarshanah karana-toya-sayi
garbhoda-sayi ca payobdhi-sayi
seshas ca yasyamsa-kalah sa nitya-
nandakhya-ramah saranam mamastu

May Shri Nityananda Prabhu be the object of my constant remembrance. Sankarshana, Mahavishnu, Garbhodakshayi Vishnu, and Kshirodakshayi Vishnu, as well as Sesha are His expansions and the expansions of His expansions. That same Nityananda Prabhu, is none other than Balarama. (Cc. Adi 1.7)

mayatite vyapi-vaikuntha-loke
purnaisvarye shri-catur-vyuha-madhye
rupam yasyodbhati sankarshanakhyam
tam shri-nityananda-ramam prapadye

I surrender unto the lotus feet of Shri Nityananda Rama, who is known as Saokarshana in the midst of the catur-vyuha. He has full opulences and resides in Vaikunthaloka far beyond the material creation. (Cc. Adi 1.8)

sete sakshat karanambhodhi-madhye
yasyaikamsah shri-puman adi-devas
tam shri-nityananda-ramam prapadye

I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Shri Nityananda Rama, whose partial representation called Karanodakasayi Vishnu, lying on the Karana ocean, is the original Purusha, the master of the illusory energy and the shelter of all the universes. (Cc. Adi 1.9)

yasyamsamsah shrila-garbhoda-sayi
yan-nabhy-abjam loka-sanghata-nalam
loka-srashtuh sutika-dhama dhatus
tam shri-nityananda-ramam prapadye

I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Shri Nityananda Rama, a partial part of whom is Garbhodakshayi Vishnu. From the navel of Garbhodakshayi Vishnu sprouts the lotus stem that is the birthplace of Brahma, the engineer of the Universe. The stem of that lotus is the resting place of the multitude of planets. (Cc. Adi 1.10)

yasyamsamsamsah paratmakhilanam
poshta vishnur bhati dugdhabdhi-sayi
kshauni-bharta yat-kala so 'py anantas
tam shri-nityananda-ramam prapadye

I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Shri Nityananda Rama, whose secondary part is the Vishnu lying in the ocean of milk. That Kshirodakashayi Vishnu is the Supersoul of all living entities and the maintainer of all the universe. Sesha Naga is His further sub-part. (Cc. Adi 1.11)

Lord Nityananda Baladeva is the Original Sankarshana

shri-balarama gosani mula-sankarshana
panca-rupa dhari' karena krishnera sevana
apane karena krishna-lilara sahaya
shrishti-lila-karya kare dhari' cari kaya

Lord Balarama is the original Sankarshana. He assumes five other forms to serve Lord Krishna. He helps in the pastimes of Lord Krishna, and He does the work of creation in four other forms. (Cc. Adi 5.8,9)

Balarama and Nityananda are non Different

prema-pracarana ara pashanda-dalana
dui-karye avadhuta karena bhramana

For two purposes to spread the cult of bhakti and to defeat and subdue the atheists Lord Nityananda, the most dedicated devotee of the Lord, moved throughout the country. (Cc. Antya 3.149)

The Glories of Nityananda Prabhu

jagat mataya nitai premera malasate
palaya durdanta kali padiya vibhrate
ki sukhe bhasila jiva gauracandera nate
dekhiya suniya pashandira buk phate

[All glories to Nityananda Prabhu!] Maddened by ecstatic love of Godhead, he overwhelmed the universe with ecstasy. He slapped his hands together like a warrior who is about to attack, and upon seeing this, the wicked Kali fled in terror, fearing for his life. All souls were drowned in happiness because of the dancing of Shri Gauranga [and Nityananda]. Seeing such dancing, or even hearing of it, melts the hearts even of great atheists. (Gitavali, Nagara-kirtana, 8)

jaya jaya nityananda, nityananda-rama
yaohara kripate painu vrindavana-dhama
jaya jaya nityananda, jaya kripa-maya
yaoha haite painu rupa-sanatanasraya
yaoha haite painu raghunatha-mahasaya
yaoha haite painu shri-svarupa-asraya
sanatana-kripaya painu bhaktira siddhanta
shri-rupa-kripaya painu bhakti-rasa-pranta
jaya jaya nityananda-caranaravinda
yaoha haite painu shri-radha-govinda

All glory, all glory to Lord Nityananda Balarama, by whose mercy I have attained shelter in the transcendental abode of Vrindavana. All glory, all glory to the merciful Lord Nityananda, by whose mercy I have attained shelter of Shri Rupa and Sanatana. By His mercy, I have attained the shelter of the great Shri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, and by His mercy I have found the refuge of Shri Svarupa Damodara. By the mercy of Sanatana Gosvami I have learned the final conclusions of devotional service, and by the grace of Shri Rupa Gosvami I have tasted the highest nectar of devotional service. All glory, all glory to the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda, by whose mercy I have attained Shri Radha-Govinda. (Cc. Adi. 5.200-204)

Nityananda is the Savior of the Most Fallen

jagai madhai haite muni se papishtha
purishera kita haite muni se laghishtha
mora nama sune yei tara punya kshaya
mora nama laya yei tara papa haya
emana nirghrina more keba kripa kare
eka nityananda vinu jagat bhitare
preme matta nityananda kripa-avatara
uttama, adhama, kichu na kare vicara
ye age padaye, tare karaye nistara
ataeva nistarila mo-hena duracara

I am more sinful than Jagai and Madhai and even lower than the worms in stool. Anyone who hears my name loses the results of his pious activities. Whoever utters my name becomes sinful. Who in this world but Nityananda could show His mercy to such an abominable person as me? Because He is intoxicated by ecstatic love and is an incarnation of mercy, He does not distinguish between the good and the bad. He delivers all those who fall down before Him. Therefore He has delivered such a sinful and fallen person as me. (Cc. Adi 5.205-209)

Freedom from Anarthas and the Desire for Bhakti
is Strengthened by the Mercy of Nitai

samsarera para hai' bhaktira sagare
ye dubibe se bhajuk nitai-candere

One who would cross over the ocean of material existence and swim in the bhakti ocean should worship the lotus feet of Nityananda. (Cb. Adi 1.77)

Nityananda is the Foremost Preacher

caitanyera adi-bhakta nityananda-raya
caitanyera yaso vaise yanhara jihvaya
aharnisa caitanyera katha prabhu kaya
tan're bhajile se caitanye bhakti haya

Lord Chaitanya's first and foremost devotee is Nityananda Raya. The glories of Lord Chaitanya are always on his tongue. Day and night Lord Nityananda speaks only of Lord Chaitanya. Whoever worships Him is a real devotee of Shri Chaitanya. (Cb. Adi 9.217-218)

Nityananda mad About Serving Shri Chaitanya

nityananda avadhuta sabate agala
caitanyera dasya-preme ha-ila pagala

Nityananda, the wandering mendicant, is the foremost of all the servants of Lord Chaitanya. He is like the gateway through which all service to Lord Chaitanya must pass. He became mad in the ecstasy of service to Lord Chaitanya. (Cc. Adi 6.48)

Those who Have no Faith that Gaura and Nitai
are Inseparable are Offenders and Atheists

dui bhai eka-tanu samana-prakasa
nityananda na mana, tomara habe sarva-nasa
ekete visvasa, anye na kara sammana
"ardha-kukkuti-nyaya" tomara pramana

These two brothers (Gaura and Nitai) are like one body; they are identical manifestations. If you do not believe in Lord Nityananda, you will fall down. If you have faith in one, but disrespect the other, your logic is like the logic of accepting half a hen. (Cc. Adi 5.175,176)

Faith in Gaura Without Nitai, or Nitai Without Gaura,
is Flickering Faith and in Opposition to Pure Devotional Service

kimva, dooha na manina hao ta' pashanda
eke mani' are na mani, ei-mata bhanda

It would be better to be an atheist by slighting both brothers than a hypocrite by believing in one and slighting the other. (Cc. Adi 5.177)

Thus ends the Fifth Jewel of Gaudiya Kanthahara, entitled Nityananda-tattva compiled by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada.
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