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Hare Krsna,
I am doing chanting for last 4 years min 16 rounds daily, also having fast on ekadasi & do extra round of chanting on that day. But quality of my chanting is not good as i usally do my chanting in parts & also along with my work. I am trying to follow all principles strictly but several times i break them (except meat eating & wine). I am helping this movement for preeching financially & physically also.
But I am very confused about my self i.e am i on right track of bhakti or not.
is poor quality chanting is better than no chanting?

Pls solve my problem

Hare Krsna
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Postby gopinath » Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:24 am

Definitely, even poor quality of chanting is better than no chanting. (sakrudapi parigeetam shraddhaya helaya va | Bhrigu-vara-nara-matram tarayet Krishna naam) That means, the Holy name, whether chanted with attention or with negligence, delivers the fallen conditioned soul. Of course, this verse does not encourage inattentive chanting. This verse is emphasizing the infinite potency of the Holy name, that even if inattentively chanted, it can deliver a soul. Then what to speak of the results when one chants attentively?

It will be better if you reserve some time (suiting your schedule) for chanting. Chanting at specific reserved time helps one to concentrate better. Also, there are many books on chanting Hare Krishna. For example,
1. the "Japa Reform Notebook" by HH Satsvarupa Das Goswami
2. the "Nectarian Ocean of the Holy name" by HH Sachinandan Swami
3. the "Art of Chanting Hare Krishna" by HH Mahanidhi Swami
All of these are amazing books. My individual favorite is the "Japa Reform Notebook". You can follow this book and practically observe the wonderful effect on your chanting. Once chanting is improved, one's mind comes under control and one can easily follow the regulative principles.

Of course, the stage of anartha nivrutti (the stage of getting rid of material desires) is the longest stage in the spiritual advancement. So one need not be confused. All one needs to do is to continue with patience and determination. Last but not the least, to depend on Krishna if one is not able to follow regulative principles and pray to Him so that one can overcome these temptations and get higher taste in chanting and hearing.
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