If Suffering is Karmic, Why Relieve It?

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If Suffering is Karmic, Why Relieve It?

Postby backtohome » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:47 am

Question: If Suffering is Karmic, Why Relieve It?

Today I want to ask a question which often disturbs me. Often I have heard from my elders that we should feed hungry people, we should help poor people and also those who are in need of help. We should not feel good when others are suffering or at least should not laugh. Also, many people say that we should see Krishna in every poor and helpless person and should serve them.

On the other hand, Krishna says that everyone reaps what he has sown. I mean, if someone has hurt someone to some extent, he will be hurt to the same extent in his next life. Our fruits are results of our past actions. This means that whatever is happening to any poor person or any helpless person or even us for that matter is perfect and right. We are suffering or people are suffering because they deserve to suffer. Then why should we lessen their suffering, if they deserve it? Why should we become obstacle in path of God?

I feel very bad if I hear cases of rape or child abuse. But according to Krishna this is the right thing happening to victims because they deserve this only. So should I feel bad or should I be happy.


Answer: Free Both from Karma and Suffering

Your elders, although well-intentioned, do not understand that the root cause of all suffering is that we are not living in a state of harmony with the laws of nature or the laws of God. In other words, when we violate these laws we suffer all kinds of reverse conditions such as poverty and disease. So it is not that simply by feeding and giving medicine to the poor that we can put an end to their suffering. Of course, we can give temporary relief in this way. But even that temporary relief will not free the people from the miseries of birth, death, old age, and disease. These four-fold sufferings are inevitable for anyone who is stuck in the cycle of birth and death, no matter how much medicine and food we may give them. Therefore the only full relief we can give to free the people from suffering is to teach them how to live in complete harmony with the laws of nature and the laws of God so that that they can become permanently liberated from the cycle of birth, death, old age, and disease.

Krishna is not a poor beggar in the street. He is Laxminatha, the Lord of all riches. So He cannot become a poor man. Our suffering does not mean that Krishna has become poor. Rather our suffering comes from our having lost our connection with Krishna.

Even though everyone is suffering or enjoying according to his karma, a devotee cannot tolerate to see the people of this world ignorantly and unnecessarily suffering. Therefore he fully dedicates himself to reviving the dormant Krishna consciousness of the human society to relieve them permanently from all of their suffering.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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