Lord Krishna and Maya or Material Energy

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Lord Krishna and Maya or Material Energy

Postby rksinha » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:19 am

Hare Krishna,
I am new to Krishna Consciousness.I wanted to know more about it and have few queries:

1)The reason for the existence of Maya or Material Energy as she is also devotee of Lord Krishna...(Is Mother Maya also not Krishna Consciousness .If yes then when she will be going to Godhead as per the scriptures ?

2)I believe in reincarnation and believe that we enjoy or suffer as per our Karmas.As per my knowledge a Brahmin is he who knows Brahma and is the supreme human being.If all follows towards the path of Brahmacharya in their consecutive life cycle then all living being will reach the Lord Krishna one day.Is anything mentioned in the scriptures about this and will there be end?As per my knowledge Lord Brahma creates new world after every one cycle of four Yugas but he also keeps history of karmas of all living being.

3)Why is Bhakti considered the best amoug the all paths to reach Lord Krishna?All other paths also requires love for Krishan to understand him?

4)All realized souls(His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivendata Swami Prabhupada,Swami Vivekananda,Jagadgura KripaluJi Maharaj...) worked for the benefit of Human Beings by social service,teaching,chanting etc.Is this the ultimate purpose of life as I see even God Consciousness living being did not renounce the world after realization ?

I would be greatful if you can give me reference to books which I should read to get the answers of these queries....

Hare Krishna
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