Kali yuga diety worship

Kali yuga diety worship

Postby AReddy » Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:49 pm

Hare Krishna

I have a question on diety worship. I heard in many lectures diety worship is not recommended in this age of kaliyuga. as per the scriptures Chanting of holy is name is recommended. So why do need do diety worhsip.
we are grahastas and we have guara Nitia dieties. Please advice me. I know the reason I will do better worship.

Thank you
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Re: Kali yuga diety worship

Postby kushagrasingh » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:04 pm

hare krishna prabhu pahmo !
its a very intresting query u make..ill try and answer from wat i ve hrd and 2 best of my knowledge and experience...
as u very rightly point out that chanting the holy names of lord is topmost thing 2 do in the present age but as we all no dat wer not always attracted or attached by the holy mane bcoz of our fallen nature..for dis purpose Srila Prabhupada and other saints havr recommended diety worship ...as the diety is pure and b'ful we can easily b attracted 2 it nd b attached in its seva...in the bhagwat purana itself lord krishna has stated that he comes in the form of a diety by his causeless mercy so dat our material eyes can c him(as we caanot c his b'ful trancedental form)...
its certainly not neccessary but yes if u hav dieties and u worship dem with gr8 care ud recieve lots of blessing from krishna...i meself hav a diety of sri sri radha krishna and a baby krishna at home and feel without dem my place of worship wud b void :)
pls bless me if u liked my post...
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